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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

SPELLBINDER A Quarterly Literary and Art Magazine ~ Autumn 2022 issue


Deadline: August 14, 2022


Open to drama:

Stage plays

Maximum of 5 pages of A4 content.

Monologues are welcome.

Starting with the Autumn 2022 issue contributors, we pay a £3 honorarium per acceptance after print publication.

Please name your file names as the title of your work, regardless of the file extension.

One submission is permitted per quarterly. This means that you may only enter your work into one category. Your submission will be considered for the upcoming issue only.

Within each category, you may only submit one piece of work, unless you are submitting poetry or artwork. Please note that we are unlikely to accept more than one work per writer or artist.

Our print magazine is published in A5. Please consider this if you have a specific intention regarding the formatting of your work.

We do not consider previously published or self-published submissions. We do not consider work that is on sale. If your work is displayed on your website or social media channel at the time of submission, we may ask you to take it down ahead of the release of our paperback issue.

We ask for first-time publication rights, but all rights revert back to the author after publication. We kindly ask that if your piece is published elsewhere in the future, that you please credit Spellbinder with its initial publication.

We do consider simultaneous submissions. However, you must inform us if your work gets published anywhere else so that we can withdraw your submission.

Please wait for our response regarding your submission before submitting another one. We read all submissions once our submission window closes, and we aim to respond within a month after that.

If your work is accepted, we may make editorial changes. We will inform you of any changes that are made so that you can approve these prior to publication.

If your work is accepted, please note that we are unlikely to accept more than one work per writer or artist within one calendar year.

If your work is rejected, please wait for two submission cycles before submitting again. 

We are not looking for gratuitous or offensive language or erotic detail.

We are not looking for radical or overly didactic religious or political commentary.

Written Work Guidelines:

Works must be written primarily in English. Translations are acceptable and should be accompanied by a copy of the original text.

All works should be typed in 12 point font and single-spacing.

Centre your title and number the pages of your document.

Submit all written work as a singular .doc/.docx/.odf attachment. Do not send your work as a .pdf.

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