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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

2022 Hear Me Out New American Monologue Competition & Labor Day Fest Submission: WHEN WE NAME IT


Deadline: July 22, 2022 Noon, EDT.

Please fill out this form thoroughly before attaching a PDF of your submission.

Only one entry per individual.

  • Golden Ear $2,500
  • Silver Ear $1,350
  • Bronze Ear $975
  • Honorable Mention $500
  • The August van der Becq Memorial Prize for Daring $2,001


In a world in which  social norms, political systems, economic laws and the natural environment are all facing existential challenges, the language we use to describe the world around us takes on new urgency. In order to change a thing, we first need to name it.  In order to care for something or someone it matters that we name it. If we want to understand something that confuses or frightens us, first we must name it. 

Since human beings created language, the labels we assign to things, people, places, activities, relationships, complex issues, etc. etc. have influenced our view of them. There are things we carry with us throughout life that feel so important, so powerful, that sometimes we dare not name them for fear that naming them might invite them to consume us. And yet, oftentimes the act of finally naming something we’ve been living with results in a newfound freedom. And, yes, we also name people, pets, places, projects and creations. 

And sadly, these days, our choices regarding how we identify certain things can even threaten to tear apart our most treasured relationships. 

Your 2022 Hear Me Out entry must in some way refer to some naming and its impact on the characters you’re revealing. As always we hope you will find your own way into our festival theme and we do not require the use of any specific words, language or stylistic choices.  

We only ask that your character grapples with our festival theme in some way.

And remember: your monologue must introduce us to a character who is talking to another person (or group of people). Short stories and essays will be disqualified.

If you are about to submit something that's been sitting in your desk drawer for years rather than something brand new written fresh to the festival prompt, think again. Your odds of actually winning with a piece of writing that was not organically created in response to the prompt are slim to none. Consider that writing a brand new monologue won't take you the same time and energy as writing a whole new play or screenplay. 

Consider that by investing between 5 and 20 hours you could see yourself clear to cashing a check for $2,500. Do yourself and your writing a favor and invest a little time, thought and effort into making something special for this unique opportunity.

FINAL DEADLINE: July 22, 2022 Noon, EDT.

The Alvin Epstein Memorial Prize for Solo Performance
The Most Memorable Character Prize
Entries must be received by Noon, EDT on June 15, 2022.

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