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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Graeae Theatre Company seeks work from deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse playwrights

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Deadline: June 30, 2021
London, UK

Our script submission window allows us to connect with Deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse playwrights who are new to us.

This opportunity is not for writers we’re already talking to. They already know that we are committed to building long-term relationships with playwrights, developing and championing their talent. This is for you if we’re not having those conversations with you yet.

Although it is unlikely that any script sent to us through the window will end up being produced by Graeae, every one of the plays submitted will receive detailed feedback. For some of you, this will mark the beginning of a lasting relationship with the company.

Please read the script submission guidelines below.

Who this is for:
  • If you write for performance, you are new to Graeae, and you identify as Deaf, disabled, or neurodiverse, this is for you.
  • Our definition of disability here includes those with long-term mental health conditions who may not identify as neurodiverse.

What to submit:
  • We’re looking for plays written by people who identify as Deaf, disabled, or neurodiverse. It is as simple as that.
  • Your play might be set in outer space or someone’s kitchen. It might have something to say about disability; it might not. The point is, if you wrote it and you identify as Deaf, disabled, or neurodiverse, we want to read it.
  • And yes, you can submit plays in BSL. We also understand that not all plays are ‘written’. We will happily accept audio and video files in place of documents if that better suits your access requirements.

We will not accept:
  • Plays from non-disabled writers. This includes plays written by non-disabled writers that are about or feature disabled characters.
  • Plays from graduates of our Write to Play programme. Sorry guys, see you at the coffee morning.
  • Prose and poetry. We wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Plays in any language other than English, BSL, or SSE
  • We will accept radio, television and film scripts in recognition of the fact that playtexts are not readily accessible to many people. However, Graeae is a theatre company. Before sending us anything other than a stage play, please consider whether it is our best introduction to your work.
  • We accept audio and video submissions for access reasons only. We do not accept recordings of readings or productions of scripts that do exist.

How to submit:

Please email scripts@graeae.org putting ‘SCRIPT SUBMISSION WINDOW’ in the subject line
The body of your email should include the following: Your name, Contact number, Email address, short paragraph about yourself and your experience.

Your finished script must not include your name or contact details. Your play will be read anonymously and the given information will be read solely by the Literary Coordinator.

Your anonymous script should be attached to the email either as a single document (PDF, DOC, or DOCX) or as an audio or video file (AVI, WMV, MOV, or MP4) if that better suits your access requirements.
We are only able to accept one script per playwright

What happens next:
Your script gets forwarded to one of our script readers. Our readers are a diverse pool of writers, dramaturgs, directors and actors, all identifying as Deaf, disabled, or neurodiverse. Trained to read creatively, not critically, our readers look for the potential in every script they receive.
The reader will most likely write the feedback you receive. In some cases, the reader will pass the script onto the Associate Director or Literary Coordinator for a second read.
We aim to get your feedback to you within six weeks of your submission.

Any further questions? Please email josh@graeae.org

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