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Friday, March 19, 2021

Playdate Theatre Development Conference Festival

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NOTE: the conference is free, although there is a registration fee, which NYCPlaywrights views as a kind of participation fee and so we allowed posted this festival. A waiver option is also offered.

Deadline: April 9, 2021

Playdate Theatre is dedicated to bringing artists together despite the distance to explore the space between theater and film. We have held multiple new work development conferences and produced our first virtual festival this past summer. In our last conference, we leaned heavily towards the film side of the spectrum and for this conference, we are swinging the pendulum the other way.

For this new work development conference, we will be creating a crowd-sourced stage play. Writers will be sent a concept breakdown that explains the physical space, stage picture, and basic details and it is up to the writer to create a micro play based on the outlined concept.

Playdate will then select a few to craft into a full-length play to produce with leading industry artists.

The Development Conference

How it works:
On Sunday, April 11 you will receive a breakdown of the concept. You will then have 72 hours to write a micro play (5-10 pages) based on the provided concept. For this round, we are writing stage plays.

You will submit your script on Wednesday, April 14th. You will then receive a script by another writer. You will have 36 hours to provide an anonymous dramaturgical response.

On Friday, April 16th you will get the response to your play and then have 36 hours to create a second draft.

When you submit your revised script on Sunday, April 18th you will then be assigned to a cohort. You will be sent the scripts of the other 4-7 writers in your cohort.

On Monday, April 19th at 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET, we will all be meeting together on Zoom. Each cohort will be put into a breakout room for a Read & Response session. This will be an opportunity for writers to hear a section of their screen-play out loud and gain insight from their cohort members.

The final draft of your micro play is due on Wednesday, April 21st.


There is a $10 filing fee for registration, but the 10-day conference is free. As this will be an immersive educational experience for all participants, there is a $50 suggested donation to help keep our company afloat.

We will not turn anyone who is interested away; please contact us for a fee waiver if needed.

This is a virtual development conference.


Sunday, April 11: Concept breakdown sent at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET
Wednesday, April 14: Script due at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. You will receive a script before the next morning. 

Friday, April 16: Response due at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. You will receive a response to your script before the next morning. 

Sunday, April 18: Submit revised play at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. You will receive your cohort’s plays before the next morning.

Monday, April 19 at 5:30 pm PT/ 8:30 pm ET (for 1.5 hours): Cohort Read & Response session over Zoom.

Wednesday, April 21: Final Draft due at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET.

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