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Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Center at West Park Residencies

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Deadline: APRIL 9, 2021 AT 11:59 PM

In Fall 2021, six individual artists or companies will be offered residencies at CWP to produce and perform original works of theater, dance, music, and interdisciplinary performance as part of THE INTERRUPTION: A Curated Performance Series. Each Residency will culminate in a weekend of three ticketed public performances of an evening-length work at CWP. Fall 2021 Residencies are available between August 30 and December 19, 2021.

THE INTERRUPTION is curated by CWP Guest Curators Debra Ann Byrd, Melanie Greene, and Elliot Reed. Three residencies will be offered by invitation from the curators, and three will be offered to artists who apply through our open call below. Applications are due by Friday, April 9 at 11:59 PM. Applicants will be notified by the end of the day on Monday, May 10.

Our goal is to make it easier for New York City performing artists to safely make and share their work. All public health and safety guidelines must be followed during the residency. If public health conditions permit, performances will include live, in-person audiences with up to 99 attendees per performance. If live, in-person audiences are not possible, performances will be recorded and presented to virtual audiences online.

Each residency includes two weeks in our Sanctuary Space for rehearsals and performances, plus an additional 40 hours of free rehearsal space on site at CWP. The Sanctuary Space comes equipped with a repertory lighting plot and PA sound system. Resident Artists are responsible for all production costs for their projects, including personnel, materials, equipment (other than that supplied by CWP), and insurance. Artists must provide their own general liability insurance to cover their activities during the residency.

The box office for Resident Artists performances will be run by CWP. Performances will be ticketed at $10-$30 per person. Artists will receive a guaranteed fee of $500 or a 50% split of the net box office proceeds, whichever is greater, at the end of the residency.

While in residence at CWP, artists receive professional marketing support, including listing on our website, in our email newsletter, and on our social media platforms.

Applications for Fall 2021 Virtual Performance residencies are due by Friday, April 9 at 11:59 PM.

Applicants will be notified by end of day on Monday, May 10.

All artists working in the performing arts, including theater, dance, music, opera, puppetry, performance art, and multi- and interdisciplinary performance are eligible to apply.

Resident Artists are responsible for their own housing in the New York City area during the residency and any travel expenses related to the residency.

To apply, please submit an application through our online application form. The online form includes the following fields. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Project Title *

Artist Name * (May be a group/company name or an individual)

Contact Person (If other than above)

Contact Email *

Contact Phone *


Team members * Please list all creative, technical, and administrative team members committed to this project, including names and roles. Be sure to let us know if you have any team members in a production support role, such as a producer, production manager, or stage manager.

Residency Dates: * Residencies will be offered in two-week slots from August 30 through December 19, 2021.

Slot 1: Aug 30 - Sep 12

Slot 2: Sep 20 - Oct 3

Slot 3: Oct 4-17

Slot 4: Oct 25 - Nov 7

Slot 5: Nov 8-21

Slot 6: Dec 6-19

Artist Statement: * Please tell us about your mission, vision, goals, purpose, and/or artistic intent as an individual artist or company. Describe your existing body of work and how it reflects that mission. What work do you make and why do you make it? What questions, subjects, or themes are you engaged in? How does your style, subject matter, and/or process make a unique contribution to the performing arts in New York? Who is the core audience for your work? (max 300 words)

Project Description: * Please describe the project you will develop and perform during this residency. What discipline(s), subject matter, story, themes, and/or questions will you explore with this project? How will you engage the audience through your piece? How does this project relate to your mission/goals, prior work, and core audience? What is uniquely compelling and exciting about this project for you? How far are you in the creative process, and what progress do you intend to make during the residency? How will this residency make it possible for you to do this project? (max 300 words)

Overcoming Obstacles: * Please describe any obstacles, challenges, or barriers you experience or have experienced in making your work. Would a residency at The Center at West Park make a difference for you in overcoming any of these obstacles? If so, how? (max 150 words)

Technical Needs: * What will your project need with respect to set, costumes, lighting, sound, projections, materials, and other technical equipment? The Center provides a repertory lighting plot with 32 instruments and a PA sound system. You would be responsible for all other production elements of the project. (max 150 words)

Paying People * Will you pay the people who work on your project during your residency (including yourself)? If so, how much do you plan to pay each person and what is your total budget for paying people? (max 150 words)

Production Expenses * Will you spend money on non-personnel production expenses, such as materials and equipment for the set, lights, costumes, audio, and video? Will you rent additional rehearsal space in advance of your residency? Will you spend money on other expenses such as advertising and insurance? If so, please let us know how much you plan to spend on these items and what your total non-personnel production budget is. (max 150 words)

Engaging Audiences * This residency includes three live performances with a maximum capacity of 99 audience members per performance. How do you plan on engaging audiences before, during, and after your performances? What is your strategy for outreach to potential audience members? How many people attended your last live performance? How many people do you expect will attend this one? (max 150 words)

Raising Funds * This residency includes a guaranteed artist fee ("earned income") of $500 or 50% of the box office, whichever is greater. Based on an average ticket price of $20, what is your expected earned income for this residency? If this is less than your total residency project budget (personnel + non-personnel expenses), how do you plan to make up the difference? Will you raise funds through grants or individual donations ("contributed income")? If so, how much do you expect to raise, and who do you expect to raise it from? Have you received or been promised any of these donations already? If so, how much? (max 150 words)

Project Budget (optional) You can upload a one page budget for your project. Use the budget template provided and fill in the numbers in the highlighted fields only. Please do not make any other changes to the template. Save as a PDF and upload here. This budget template is based on the budget template required for the 2019 NYSCA-A.R.T.-New York Creative Opportunity Fund application.

Photo or Text Work Sample Upload: * Upload a work sample from this project or another project that best represents your work. Up to 10 pages of text or 10 images, one image per page. PDF format only.

Photo or Text Work Sample Upload Description: Describe this sample of your work. Put it in context for us.

Video Work Sample (optional): Link to a video sample of your work. YouTube or Vimeo preferred. If the video is protected by a password, please but it in the description below.

Video Work Sample Description (optional): Describe this sample of your work. Put it in context for us. Please provide the password for the video if one is required.

THE INTERRUPTION * The title of our Fall 2021 season is THE INTERRUPTION. What does this mean to you? (max 100 words)

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