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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kitchen Theatre Company Play Submission Guidelines

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Kitchen Theatre Company (KTC) primarily finds new plays through submissions by agents and recommendations by directors who have worked at the KTC. However, unsolicited plays are accepted on a rolling basis. Keep in mind that unsolicited plays may take up to ten months to be read.

KTC is committed to contributing to the field of American theater by producing new plays. KTC seeks plays that complement our mission of creating bold, intimate, and engaging theater. Playwrights will be contacted once KTC has received their play and again only if their play is selected for production. Due to the high volume of play submissions that the theatre receives, KTC is unable to contact every playwright when their play is not selected to be produced. Please do not e-mail or call the theatre with inquiries about a submission.

Submission Guidelines
KTC is highly unlikely to produce a play with more than 5 characters and more likely to produce a play with 4 or fewer characters. Plays with more than 6 characters will not be considered.

For more specific information about what kind of work KTC produces, visit our production history.

KTC does not accept one act plays unless they are full-length in run time (seventy-five to ninety minutes).

KTC does accept musicals on the condition that they meet the above character count and run time rules. Submit with 3 recorded songs and a complete piano score with lyrics.

Plays from international playwrights are accepted and encouraged. However, the plays must be written in English or have been translated into English.

Please submit only one play to KTC within an 18-month period.

To submit a play for consideration, download and complete the application and send it along with the first ten pages of the play (cover page and character outline is not included in this ten page count) and a FULL BUT CONCISE synopsis in PDF format (no Word documents) to submissions@kitchentheatre.org. Please do not mail submissions. KTC is a green theater and likes to go as paperless as possible.

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