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Monday, March 6, 2017

Distilled Theatre Company seeks radio play scripts

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Distilled Theatre Company is excited to present our fifth season of dtc radio! dtc radio curates and produces new story-based radio plays that air for free on iTunes and are available through any podcast app. The dtc radio team will work with you on script development and when a final draft is complete, the team will find a director, actors, a sound designer, and produce the script. There will be 5-6 new plays in Season five, all around 20min in length.

Have you ever read a quote and thought to yourself “Well that get’s straight to the point!”? This season we are looking for plays inspired by a quote that tells it like it is. We have included some of our favorites below, but are open to ALL interpretations. Feel free to email distilledtheatre@gmail.com with any questions!


*dtc radio is currently located in New York City, San Diego, and Fort Lauderdale. We request applicants only from near these areas so the playwright can be involved in the process.

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