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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


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Beyond our annual productions, in concert with our mission to see more women and transgender artists employed in the theatre, we award two commissions per year to women or transgender playwrights who have demonstrated a singular talent for storytelling. The selected playwrights will receive $2,500 each. One out of every $10 we make from our Parity Store goes to them in support of their commissioned work – we call that our 10% Promise. ​​

Parity Productions reads submissions throughout the year and makes decisions based on who we believe to be the most promising playwrights with work that is in harmony with our artistic mission. Playwrights will receive regular feedback on their commissioned work, within 30 days of their submission of a first and second draft. They will also receive one “closed door” reading (cast, Parity Productions Artistic Director, and literary department) and at least one public reading and/or developmental production of the commissioned work. An option for Parity Productions to produce the work is included in The Commission agreement.

Can I apply for The Commission?
By submitting your work to us, you may ultimately be considered for The Commission, but there is no direct application for it. We award The Parity Commission to women and transgender playwrights that we have become familiar with through their submissions and subsequent meetings and interactions with us or other performances of their work. The deadline for submissions in a calendar year is June 1st. Submissions received after that will be considered for the following year.

How do I submit my work to Parity Productions?

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