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Monday, July 28, 2014

SoYoCo is looking for featured artists

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SoYoCo is a networking and theatre company for the arts. Our mission is to produce new works that focus on the evocation of escapism, conversation, heightened emotion and perceptions, while creating a healthy social environment conducive to networking for the artists and the creative contributors. These networking environments will be held monthly where the goal of a growing sponsorship program will act as a contributor to selected and like minded companies and organizations.

SoYoCo is looking for featured artists for their upcoming networking event on Monday August 4 from 7pm-10pm at Irish Exit.

We are looking for new works. These works can be anything from a play reading to a musical performance. Performance should be a minimum of 10 minutes no longer then 30 minutes.

You are reasonable with organizing your performers and rehearsals. You will need to provide SoYoCo with performers, writer, director headshot and bio.

If you bring 20 people or more you will get a cut of the bar proceeds. If you are unable to bring 20 people you will get the proceeds of the raffle either way.

SoYoCo will provide the performance location, drink specials, raffle prize, social media advertisement.

To apply please send the piece you will performing along with a paragraph about yourself and why you should be featured.

For more information on SoYoCo please visit www.soyocony.com

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