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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Call for Submission: UNFringed Festival at The Secret Theatre

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Best Play Award + $250 prize for the top placed play
Unfringed is a festival of full length dramatic, comedic or musical theatre pieces. The selected pieces are all eligible to win the top prize of Best Unfringed play through a combination of audience votes which are then aggregated with the Judges votes to produce a winner. 

Applications accepted until August 8th 2014
Read carefully before filling out attached application
The Second Annual Unfringed Festival will bring bold and daring new works to The Secret Theatre of Long Island City, Queens – named “One of NYC’S best theater spots” by Time Out.  

Show Dates Sept 11th – 27th 
[evening slots 7pm and 9pm, each show guaranteed 4 performances]

Unfringed seeks new and exciting works that challenge audiences, facilitating lively discussion and interaction between artists and viewers. Talk to us in your cover letter. Tell us why you want to be a part of Unfringed, and how your work will benefit from being involved.

Applications will be accepted electronically until August 8th, 2014. There is no application fee.

Please submit only complete application. If application is incomplete, it will not be considered. Additional support materials may be added to your application before the deadline, but not after. 

Due to the number of applicants and the size of our staff, please DO NOT contact us to see if your application has been received and/or is complete, you will get an emailed response confirming your submission. If you are submitting more than one show, each show must have its own application, support materials, and application fee.

All applicants will receive acceptance status notification (accepted, declined, alternated) via email on or around within three days of the close of submissions. At this time, if you are accepted to the festival, you will receive further instructions of information (as an online form) we will need from you or your company. This online form must be filled out immediately or before our acceptance deadline, which is generally on or about August 16th, 2014, and accompanied by a non-refundable $250.00 participation fee, which can be paid online.

Your show may also be selected as an alternate. Selected alternates may be offered a participant's slot if any offers are not taken up.

If your show is accepted to the festival, you are given a slot in which to produce your show. We are NOT producing your show, we are merely presenting it. You or your producing organization must hire your own cast, crew, and staff, secure your own rights, and run your own rehearsals, etc.

All shows will be presented in one venue on several dates throughout the duration of the festival. Most shows will receive approximately four performances over the course of the entire festival. Performances will be between 4pm and Midnight on weekdays, and between Noon and Midnight on weekends. There is only a 30 minute change-over time between shows. Your curtain time will vary from day to day in order to that ensure all shows receive an equal amount of prime performance times. Keep in mind that when you are striking or setting up your show, another show is also striking or setting up. Keep aspects of your production minimal, please! Please note that very limited storage is available – we want you to have a great show but discourage large bulky set pieces. All set pieces must be removable and not permanent.

Unfringed handles all aspects of ticketing and box office. Full priced tickets are $15 in advance, and $18 at the door. 

After the first $175 received at the box office (to cover Secret Theatre operating costs) there will be a 50/50 split between your company and The Secret Theatre. There will be a minimum of 50-99 seats, ticket prices will be $15 so after recouping the initial $175 the potential if all 50 seats are sold is for your company to make $287.50 if all tickets are sold at the advanced price of $15.

We also offer a minimum of 10 hours free rehearsal at The Secret Theatre - a value of at least $200 subject to availability; rehearsal times offered are usually non peak times and daytimes. All other rehearsals at The Secret or our affiliated locations will be $10 peak times.

You will need to keep the technical requirements of your show very simple. The venue is equipped with basic lighting and sound equipment. Storage space is minimal. Since the space is shared with all shows in that venue you must take props, set pieces and costumes away with you after each performance. Each company will have only one cue to cue technical rehearsal in the venue. The Secret Theatre provides a board op/Stage Manager and  Box Office staff.  Each company will be given one tech/dress rehearsal.   You may request one special but lights are generally set in a typical house plot with a warm and cold wash.

Unfringed will publicize the festival and coordinate overall press relations. You will be asked to submit publicity photos and PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print and broadcast media. You are welcome to publicize your own show through your own press releases, mailers, handbills, busking and/or posters. The more you promote your show, the larger your potential audience.

If you are accepted to Unfringed, part of our agreement prohibits the performance of your show anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area anytime during 6 months before and 3 months after the performances at The Secret Theatre. This is primarily due to the fact that we depend upon our small portion of your box office income in order to pay for your participation in the festival. Performances elsewhere within our audience area greatly impact ticket sales to Unfringed. Please keep this restriction in mind when accepting other invitations to perform your show during these months, particularly before you have received acceptance status notification from Unfringed.

Out-of-area participants, like locals, are responsible for all aspects of production and additional publicity for their show, as well as travel expenses, securing working visas (where required), and accommodations. Unfringed cannot help with housing for a participating company.

To submit, go to the online application form. 

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