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Friday, July 11, 2014

Monologues and short plays wanted

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COMPETITION: Themed monologues and short plays.

Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre, with KTDT request submission of rib-tickling monologues and plays funninesses, laughably moving wacky slap-sticks and side-splitting comedies. Dramatic action-packed jocularities, hilariously electrifying stories of mayhem, humorously riveting absurd monologues and short plays.

Potluck! Stories about the food we eat, shouldn't eat, can't eat (but do anyway), don't eat for the silliest of reasons, et cetera...

Monologues and plays to fill our Liar's Lair! http://thistledewtheliarslair.blogspot.com/

(Clue: Pinocchio was one of the original Tarradiddlers.)
Super Heros (Of your own making).
Tales Told After School (No identifiable names).
Halloween (need I say more?)
Thanksgiving: Dinner with the family.
Mr. & Mrs Claus. (November 15 deadline): What's with the elves?

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