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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Call for Submissions for the third BUA Takes 10: LGBT Short Stories evening of ten-minute plays

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Submission Dates: Now through October 31, 2014

Call for Submissions for the third BUA Takes 10: LGBT Short Stories evening of ten-minute plays.  BUA Takes 10 will run three weekends from March 27-April 11, 2015 at Buffalo United Artists at Alleyway Theatre, 672 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.
Submission Guidelines: 
*All plays must have an LGBT theme that is central to the play’s premise. (This means that changing pronouns on another play probably won’t work.)

*Playwrights may submit one or two plays, but if you submit two, please do so in separate emails.

*Please don’t resubmit plays that were submitted previous years.  You think we don’t remember, but elephants got nothing on us.

*All plays must be no longer than ten minutes, which may actually mean fewer than ten pages. If you’re not sure, please read it aloud.  No exceptions, no matter how brilliant the extra minutes may be. We mean it.

*All plays must have minimal set requirements. Plays chosen will receive full productions at BUA’s black box theater, but with ten plays being performed, there is no time for elaborate set changes. 

*Please email LGBT ten-minute plays with minimal set requirements to buasubmissions@gmail.com in standard format in Word or PDF. 

*Email subject line should have your name and title of your play, e.g. MARY BROWN/MY AWESOME GAY PLAY. 

*Body of email should contain contact information (including email and phone) and the play’s production history ONLY. You don’t have to write a cover letter, so please don’t. Anything other than the requested information is only going to give us a bad first impression (i.e. you don’t follow rules).

*Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.

 The Deadline:
Submissions must be received by October 31, 2014. We prefer earlier to later, as we read and cull as the submissions come in.

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your play. Finalists will be notified by email by January 15, 2015, and the selected playwrights will be announced on Official Playwrights of Facebook. We are sorry we cannot respond to each individual playwright. 
The Producer:
Buffalo United Artists will provide directors, actors, designers, and technical crew for the run of the show.  If necessary, directors will contact playwrights at the start of or during the rehearsal process.  For more information about Buffalo United Artists, please visit our Web site: http://www.buffalobua.org. Dates are tentatively set for March 27-April 11, 2015, but are subject to change.

The Production: 
Plays will be presented together as an evening of theater.  Chosen playwrights will receive a copy of the program, four complimentary tickets to be used any night of the run, and a $25 royalty. If you’re here in person—which we strongly encourage—you’ll get some free drinks, too.

If you have questions, please contact buasubmissions@gmail.com

We look forward to reading your work!

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