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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Nick Darke Award 2014

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Falmouth University is delighted to announce that the Nick Darke Award 2014 is now open for submissions to its £6,000 prize.

Funded by Falmouth University, the Nick Darke Award commemorates the playwright Nick Darke, and was conceived following his death by his wife, the artist and film-maker Jane Darke, with the support of his family. Nick Darke wrote in many forms but earned his living in the world of theatre, screen and radio. The award is therefore presented each year to a writer for work that peruses an environmental theme within one of the following disciplines:
  • Stage play
  • Radio play
  • Screenplay

The £6,000 prize money is intended to help provide the time for writers to be able to write that financial support facilitates.

How to apply

Nick Darke award 2014 submission information(106.92 KB)

The competition is open to all writers aged 16 and over and the application must be made in English. The writer must be the sole original author. The competition is not open to collaborations.

The theme is the environment. Entrants may interpret the theme widely but the work must be within one of the following three categories:
  • Stage play
  • Screenplay (feature film or short film)
  • Radio play
Submission procedure

Please submit an outline of your story idea (theatre, radio play, feature film, short film) in 750 words suggesting character, plot and structure and pitch it in 25 words or less
Please also submit 20 pages which are representative of your work; this can be from an existing or new piece of work

Email a short CV with your submission and include your contact details. If you fail to do so your application will not be considered.

Please email your submission in two PDF documents, one containing your short CV and the other containing the outline, pitch and 20 sample pages. State clearly which category your submission falls into (Stage, Screen, Radio) and email to: nickdarkeaward@falmouth.ac.ukby the deadline of Monday 14 April, 2014.

Do not include any supporting material such as DVDs, photos, CDs, etc
Submission copies will not be returned. Please retain a copy of your work for your records
Confirmation of receipt of application will be emailed
Late or incomplete applications will not be considered
The deadline for submissions is Monday 14 April 2014

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