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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Thistle Dew Theatre & KTDT Drama-dy seeks plays for Stage and Radio

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Call for play submissions: monologues, monologue plays, short plays, one act or full-length plays for stage and radio.

• Your play can be either a comedy or a drama.
• Your play calls for one (1) to six (6) characters.
• Your play exhibits freshness, sufficient conflict and engaging text.
• Your play is in simple (KISS) standard format, 14pt. Times or Times Roman font.

Our Radio Presentation, "The Great O'Morton", by Thomas M. Kelly
ANNOUNCER: This is a story of a guy called O'Morton, his friends, and their few brief days o' glory. Our narrator is Paddy McPhinney in her CANTINA south of the border.
Paddy McPhinney as NARRATOR: Welcome to my La Soliel Cantina. Yeah' it's my little Mexican joint. Sorry'bout the dirt floor... Better music fidelity. Let's just stand here by the door and take in the scene. If your eyes can see through the cigarette and cigar smoke and your nose, not to mention your stomach can get past the bad ass chili (my Yiddish mama's special recipe) and black bean burrito (my Irish daddy's original recipe), there are some shady, but interesting dudes lurking and lounging about..., and broads solic... Er parading in this room I'd like you to meet. Follow me. These three nattily dressed men; Salvador 'Sal' Biartes, a local muscle man of dubious character, ... Next to him the guy, with the cauliflower ears, Darryl 'Darry' O'Morton,...and Johnny 'The Man' Long, former boxing promoter of suspicious reputation... and last ... but not least... a very sophisticated lady... smartly dressed in fashions of a few years ago is Meechelle Plaisure. They are playin' closely held poker hands. Let's listen in....
Johnny: A quarter to you Meechelle dawlin'.
Meechelle: I'll see your quarta' and raise ya' five thousan'.
Darry & Johnny: (In concert.) Five thou...! Table stakes Meechelle!
Meechelle: I'm getting tired of penny-ante poker! I like real big money stakes!
Darry: D'en go back ta' Vegas! Down here at da' Sol, it's table stakes!
Johnny: No! Don't listen to him, Meechelle, honey! Besides, we ain't got 5 gee's (!), let alone two nickles ta' rub ta'gether ta' make ten cents! Just play table stakes, sweetheart.
Meechelle: There was a time when... .
Johnny: That was a few years ago dawlin'
Darry: There was a time when I was a heavy-weight contenda', too, and nearly elected governor of the fair state of ... Well at least until d'at galoot behind da' bar showed up. (Looking toward the bar.) Isn't 'e beautiful?
Johnny: Who'd a thunk the two a' ya'd fall for each outha' before the title fight and then the big election?
Meechelle: True love, huh, Johnny? Just loike you 'n' me, huh, Johnny?
Johnny: Sure sweethawt, whateva' ya' say
Darry: Ante up! I used to be a big shot politician... up north.
Johnny: Shut up Darry. These walls got ears.
Meechelle: I'm in, boss.
Sal: I'm in, too, boss.
Paddy McPhinney as NARRATOR: That's Sal. He carries a rod under his arm, but not much under his rug!
Paddy McPhinney as NARRATOR: And over here, the pale faced young man starin' into his drink -- his name is Tommy. He's new down here. Sad story he is, very sad.
Tommy: (drunk) Where's the head?
Paddy McPhinney: Right behind that potted palm over there behind the bar young man. But I don't think yer gonna make it. Ya' don't wanna be heavin' all over my place. Dom. Throw this guy out before...SFX: Oops too late. Hey Sal. Watch the bar for Dominique while he t'rows this drunken bum out. (Pause.) On second thought ... Put 'im in my office. Later, I can use 'im.
Paddy McPhinney as NARRATOR: ... the Great Paddy McPhinney herself, about to go into action! Come inta' my office.
Your complete play is in .doc format with numbered lines.
Page One: Your Title, contact information and 200 word biography.
• Page Two: Your Character breakdown and 100 word synopsis.
• The subject line of your email submission to tddtheatre@aol.com reads
"TDDT Play Submission" .
Thistle Dew and KTDT produce comedy and drama for stage and Digital Radio. If accepted and does not require re-write or adaptation to radio, I will request permission to produce your work. If it is not ready for Digital Radio I will request that you adapt it. In the alternative, you can give me permission to adapt it to Digital Radio.
There is no entry or submission fee.
There is no deadline for submissions: on-going.
Address your queries to Tom at tddtheatre@aol.com

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