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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Submissions are open for the Short Play & Musical Festival

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This June, we are looking for 15 to 18 for our annual NYC (“Only In New York”) Festival of short plays. All plays submitted must be inspired by or focused on New York City and similar topics. We are seeking plays that highlight Quintessential New York moments, experiences, beliefs and more! So sharpen your pencils, charge your laptop or put a new ribbon in your typewriter! Let’s start writing!

Submission Window
 April 5 - April 19

Festival Dates

June 5 - 22, 2014.3 weeks, 4 performances weekly (Thursday through Sunday), 5 plays featured each week at The Players Theatre Loft.

Learn more and apply at ShortPlayNYC.com.

Script submissions must be submitted in both digital and hard copy format. Submissions must be received with BLIND COPY meaning Playwrights names must be redacted from all pages of the script, and only listed on the attached application page. An individual application must be completed for and attached to all submissions.

The script submitted must be the script proposed for presentation, with no major alterations necessary.

Please provide an estimated run time (plays cannot exceed 20 minutes) and a one-sentence synopsis on your cover page.

Seeking short plays and musicals with a performance time of 20 minutes or less, no more than 25 pages in length.

Writers eligible to submit up to two plays.

Production of selected plays shall be at the sole cost and expense of the Producers, and no royalties or other payment are or will be owed by The Short Play and Musical Festival.

The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre is a 55 seat Off-Off Broadway venue located at the historical Players Theater, in the heart of Greenwich Village. The theater will include a basic lighting plot with limited pre-set general light cues and basic sound equipment. A limited number of basic set pieces will be available at the theatre. Additional props, set pieces, etc. may be brought by the individual producing companies; however, we strongly advise that productions be kept as simple as possible.

On acceptance there is a $100 deposit and a $50 tech fee.

Digital submissions will only be accepted in PDF format. Each submission must be emailed to admin@shortplaynyc.com and must be labeled as follows PlayTitle_Author’sLastName.pdf 

Hard copy submissions must be mailed to the HOST address at 
Short Play & Musical Festival
Suite 2E
115 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012


If submitting a musical, please submit sample tracks with your application.

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