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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Civilians' Research & Development Group

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The Civilians' R&D Group is comprised of theater artists from various disciplines (writers, directors, composers, etc.) interested in exploring different strategies for making investigative theater and being a part of The Civilians' community of artists.

We define "investigative theater" broadly, meaning any creative process of inquiry that feeds the creation of a work of theater. Methods may include research, a community-based focus, interviews, company-devised strategies, or other experimental strategies of the artist's design. The artists meet biweekly for nine months to share and discuss their methodologies and the resulting work with the group, R&D Coordinator EllaRose Chary, and Artistic Director Steve Cosson. The generative artists in the group (writers, composers writer/actor, writer/director, etc.) are expected to attend the majority of sessions; regular attendance is critical and should be considered when applying.

Additionally, a group of directors are chosen to complete the group. Directors are invited to meetings, but not expected to attend at all; the directors become more active at the end of the season, with the direction of the public readings.

The intention of the group is that each writer will finish a draft for public presentation by May, 2014. Given the nature of the process, it is understood that these drafts will be in various stages of development when they are presented. Please visit the above links to learn more about past participants and their projects.

To apply for the 2013-2014 R&D Group, writers should submit

  • their contact information, 
  • a one paragraph bio, and 
  • a one to two paragraph proposal for an investigative project to be developed in the group that includes some thoughts as to why you are interested in working on this project in this particular group. 

The project may already be in process or be completely new; however, it is important that the artist has the intention to be actively developing the work during the period of the group. A collaborative team of two people may apply together (writer and composer, for example), but in such cases, both artists must commit to full participation.

Directors should submit their contact information, a resume, and one paragraph discussing what they hope to get out of being a member of the Group and outlining their expected availability from September to May.

Deadline for applications is July 15, 2013.

Please send applications to EllaRose Chary at rdgroup@thecivilians.org.

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