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Thursday, July 4, 2013


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What: Occupy the Empty Space is creating and presenting an arts festival as a benefit for the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space at 155 Avenue C, between East 9th and East 10th, New York, New York.

When: Friday, August 16th

Why: Public space has rapidly become a rarity in this city, and this situation is getting worse, not better. We’re losing rights to houses, community centers, parks, and the rights to perform in open spaces. Space – and the ability and joy of occupying it – is a human right. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Property is organized robbery.”

What We Need From You:

We are looking for performance poetry, performance art, live music, and short plays, monologues, or dance pieces (all plays must be under ten minutes tops, all dance, poetry, performance art, and live music need be under seven minutes) that relates to the theme of public space: reclaiming it, losing it, fighting for it, and defining it.

We are limited in terms of our artist line – up – due to space regulations, we can’t have more than ten performers, and music must be acoustic. We are still encouraging as many people and artists to apply, however, because we do many events and love adding new artists and projects to our wide empty space family. Please submit; if not this project, we may have space for you for another.

If you are a musician, dancer, performance artist, or performance poet, please submit a video of you performing by email to both Kate – owsvoices@gmail.com
and Sarah – sarahmelissaduncan@gmail.com

If you are a playwright, please submit your play to the above emails as well.

Please put in the subject line Playwright, Dancer, Performance Artist, Poet, or Musician to help us sort the submissions.

Please include a brief greeting with your submission, telling us about yourself.

Please do not submit more than one piece without first checking with us.

We are accepting submissions from June 5th through July 15th, 2013. 

A note for those of you not in New York – we love our out of state performers and artists, and we encourage you to apply. Please note, however, we cannot provide transportation, travel, or housing if you choose or need to be present for the actual event itself.

Happy creating and submitting!

Sarah Duncan & Kate Foster

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