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Thursday, July 18, 2013

NYCPlaywrights June 2013 Play of the Month: SIOBHAN by Terry Boyle

Viewer advisory: this video contains obscene language.

SIOBHAN by Terry Boyle is the first of four monologues selected for the NYCPlaywrights June 2013 Play of the Month to be recorded.

Terry says about the monologue:

The era of the mobile phone has moved eavesdropping to a new level.  On the train, the bus, in the park we get little insights into people's lives as they pass with phone in hand.  A simple conversation can reveal so much, and you never know who might be listening in.  

For more information about the author and the actor see the NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month page.

The other three monologues that were selected and will be recorded soon are:
  • RACHEL by Jenn Calhoun
  • RUB ME by Lesli Zephyr
  • SABOTAGE by Brian Cox

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