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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thistle Dew Theatre and KTDT-DRama-dy Digital Radio Theatre & KWOS Radio Theatre for Kids: Calling for Radio Plays in Audio Format

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No deadline - submissions accepted on an ongoing basis.

Thistle Dew Theatre and KTDT-DRama-dy Digital Radio Theatre & KWOS-Drama-dy for Kids: Calling for Radio Plays in Audio Format (.mp3)  OR if you can't record your piece... we'll do it for you.

FREE Audio Streaming Opportunity
Thistle Dew Digital Radio Theatre, KTDT-DR & KWOS-DR needs Playwrights with Self - Produced Audio (.mp3) of their;

  • One, two, and three minute monologues, and/or
  • Ten minute two character plays, and/or
  • Fifteen minute 3 - 5 character plays, and/or
  • Thirty minute 2 - 5 character plays.  

Gather your fellow playwrights, actors, friends, relatives, neighbors for readings of your plays, monologues, &c.
Record them.  Submit them.
All submissions are subject to the approval of Thomas M. Kelly,
Artistic Director, Thistle Dew Theatre and KTDT& KWOS Digital Radio.
All Self - Produced Audio submissions must conform to Family Radio "Standards of Decency":


and to the KTDT-DR - KWOS-DR content policies, including but not limited to the following (remembering that this is family radio);

No overt perverse sexual behavior,
No bathroom humor,
No foul language,
No pornography,
No abusive, prejudicial or disparaging language against any race or minority,
No sex, child, or adult abuse.

No copyrighted music, (your un-copyrighted music is permitted, see sample on blog.*)
All submissions must be accompanied by script in .doc format subject to Grammarly plagiarism check.  See..... http://thistledewtheatreplaywrightgroup.blogspot.com/

For sample format, (i.e.: introduction, credit(s), et cetera.).  visit audio streams at.........    
*  http://ktdtdigitalradiotheatre.blogspot.com/
Submit .mp3 only (No cds) and/or script, to seamusoshea12@gmail.com.
Playwright maintains full rights to their submissions except for streaming permit to KTDT-DR:  Submissions to KTDT-DR are for the sole purpose of KTDT-DR streaming.

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