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Saturday, July 27, 2013

WildClaw is currently accepting horror radio plays for its fifth annual DEATHSCRIBE Radio Play Festival.

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WildClaw is currently accepting horror radio plays for its fifth annual DEATHSCRIBE Radio Play Festival.

We are looking for 10-minute radio scripts that are genuinely scary, imaginative, chilling, intelligent, suspenseful, horrific or downright grotesque. We put no restrictions on contestants as to content or tone, but keep in mind that we are a Horror Theatre. We take our horror seriously, and so should you.

Submit your 10-minute radio plays at deathscribe2013@gmail.com

For adaptations, the source material must be in the public domain, or the author must secure the rights for a stage adaptation prior to submission to WildClaw.

Submission rules:
Scripts must be ready to produce - all sound and music cues included. Details on format can be found below. Please be aware that these scripts, if chosen, will be performed by no more than 6 actors, therefore if you have more characters it will require double casting by the director of the piece.

5 scripts will be selected from all submissions. After being selected, there will be an opportunity for the authors to refine, revise, and tighten these scripts (if deemed necessary) in collaboration with WildClaw Theatre Company.

These scripts will be rehearsed and presented as an evening of Live Radio Drama with foley sound at the Mayne Stage in Chicago's Rogers Park and recorded for a future WildClaw Blood Radio Podcast.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, August 15, 2013.

Deathscribe selections will be “blind.” The title page should include the title of the script, names of all authors, and the address, phone/fax and email address of the author(s). The subsequent pages must include only the manuscript title and page number and NO identifying personal information (name, address, email, etc.) or it will be disqualified.

There will be a “Best of the Fest” award, with the winner chosen by a celebrity panel of judges on the night of performance.

By submitting to WildClaw’s Deathscribe Radio Horror Festival, you are stating that the script is your own work and has not been produced or commissioned for pay by other theatre groups. Plays which have been produced professionally are not eligible. Audio plays that have received college/university productions only will be accepted.

By submitting your play and upon acceptance to WildClaw’s Deathscribe Radio Horror Festival, you are granting WildClaw the exclusive, non-binding rights to make copies of your work in all media - including print, digital, film, video, audio, or other Internet formats - used to promote the Festival. WildClaw Theatre will have the right to produce the selected scripts for the WildClaw Theatre Deathscribe Horror Radio Festival, including broadcast and/or webcast of the festival; however, WildClaw Theatre makes no commitment to produce any script. The author retains all other rights to his or her work.

Instructions to Submit

To submit electronically, please make sure your script is formatted correctly according to the guidelines (see below) and submit your script as an attachment to deathscribe2013@gmail.com.


• Scripts must be no more than TEN MINUTES in length. This includes all sound effects, transitions and dialogue. The ENTIRE performance should only last 10 minutes. (And preferably no shorter than 7 minutes. Please read it aloud at home before submitting to check the running time.)

• Writers may submit up to two (2) scripts for Deathscribe consideration in any year. Submit three or more, and the Literary Legion will be very, very angry, and will choose which two they wish to read arbitrarily.

• PDF format is strongly preferred. If you don't have PDF, then only MS Word please. All scripts must have a title page with all contact information, but no identifying information should appear anywhere else in the document. Submissions must be in a standard font and no less than 12 point.

• NO SCREENPLAYS. SCREENPLAYS WILL BE DISCARDED. WE KNOW THEM WHEN WE SEE THEM. (Nothing against screenplays. But this is a radio play festival.)

• DO NOT submit full-length plays for consideration in Deathscribe. They will be discarded. If you wish to submit a full-length horror play to WildClaw, see our general submission guidelines.

• Scripts should follow radio drama format. Helpful suggestions and examples are available here:
(not affiliated with the WildClaw Deathscribe Radio Play Festival).

• Writers will be notified by email if their script(s) get selected.

• WildClaw Theatre’s Deathscribe Horror Radio Festival will take place December 2, 2013.

Please contact the Daemon of WildClaw with questions at deathscribe2013@gmail.com

Thank you for being excited about Horror Theatre! We look forward to reading your work.

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