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Monday, July 10, 2023

Eden Prairie Players is accepting submissions of unpublished one act plays by women


Deadline: July 11, 2023

Submit a Play

Eden Prairie Players is accepting submissions of unpublished one act plays for its 2024 Women's One Acts+ to be produced in May of 2024. Women's One Acts+ is an annual selection of short plays that are written and directed by those who identify as women and those with gender-diverse identities. 

Playwrights must identify as female and/or a gender-diverse identity (trans, nonbinary, intersex, two-spirit, etc.).

Plays must be English language.

If selected, plays will be licensed for production under our license agreement for unpublished works. You can preview this agreement here. If you submit your work, we will assume this agreement is acceptable to you.

We are seeking unpublished one-act plays: dramas, comedies, etc. (previous productions or stage readings OK). Playwrights(s) must be free to license plays to us directly.

Submit through the online submission form:

Playwright contact information - name, email, address, phone.

Name of play.

Approximate duration.

List of characters / descriptions: age, gender, race if one is required, etc. (please list allowable deviations)

Short synopsis of the play, including a description of recommended set pieces and props

After the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Our Commitment to Inclusion

We commit to learning more about our own implicit biases, about authentically engaging the entire community, and about fostering diverse spaces. We pledge to practice inclusive and diverse storytelling in our performances and assure an equitable and safe space for all.


Selected plays will be paid a royalty of from $20 to $30 per performance. We plan to have 6 or 7 performances, although this is not guaranteed.

No compensation for selection process: By submitting your play(s) for consideration, you give Eden Prairie Players permission to distribute to reviewers as needed for the selection process. You also give permission for your play to be performed without payment at an unrehearsed table reading as part of the selection process.

Plays must be submitted as a PDF file. Plays may be submitted by the playwright only. Each playwright is allowed to submit 1 play. If a play was written by more than one person, be sure this is reflected in the Credited playwrights field.

Submitted plays must be at least 8 minutes and at most 25 minutes in length.

Submissions must be received by the end of the day on July 11, 2023 in the US/Central timezone. If the number of submissions exceeds the number we can review, the submissions to be reviewed will be selected by lottery.

In the selection process, the play will be made available through TheaterForms to reviewers authorized by Eden Prairie Players. By submitting the play, the playwright gives permission for this usage. The playwright must be free to give this permission and to accept licensing terms offered by Eden Prairie Players if the play is selected. (If a play is published after being submitted, and it is selected for Women's One Acts+ 2024, Eden Prairie Players will have the choice of accepting the publisher's licensing terms or choosing an alternate submission.)


Q: Are works by international playwrights accepted?
A: Yes! We are now able to accept English language plays from playwrights worldwide.

Q: How are plays selected?
A: We provide access to each play to one or more authorized reviewers to read and rate as part of the selection process. Plays are narrowed down to a smaller group of finalist plays. Finalists are read at a public table reading and final selections are made by our advisory committee.

Q: What should I know about your theater?
A: Riley-Jacques Barn is a renovated barn in Eden Prairie. It is a fairly small stage. The main portion of it is 15’ wide by 16’ deep, but part of the downstage half extends the width to 23’ wide plus a few feet of extra wings on each side that are used for entrances and exits. There are also two entrances on either side of the upstage half. Because of the number of plays we do in a performance, we like to keep our set changes quick which means we prefer plays that can be done with simpler sets.

Q. What about language in my play?
A: While we bill these productions as intended for mature audiences due to subject matter and language, we strongly consider what our audience's reaction to each piece will be.

Q: How long has Eden Prairie Players produced unpublished one-acts?
A: 2010 was the first year that EPP produced unpublished works as part of our Collection of One Acts, and it was immediately successful. The response from our audience was overwhelmingly positive. We hope to carry that enthusiasm forward each year by continuing to introduce our audience to fresh new works written by exciting playwrights. We added The Women's One Acts production specifically to feature the work of women playwrights in 2018, and in 2023 we proudly rebranded the event as the Women's One Acts+ to include historically underrepresented genders. Thank you for your hard work, we are honored that you are considering EPP for your submission!

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