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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Life Jacket Theatre Co. 2023-2024 PLAYWRITING COMMISSION


Deadline: July 12, 2023

Life Jacket invites nation-wide applications from Trans playwrights for a $10,000 commission to write a new, full-length verbatim play based on in-depth interviews with Trans people living throughout America.

FALL-WINTER 2023: Playwright will conduct interviews (virtual and/or in-person) with Trans people across diverse geographic regions in the United States, representing diverse ages, races, ethnicities, occupations, income levels, political affiliations, and religions.

WINTER-SUMMER 2024: Playwright will build a full-length verbatim play using the interview transcripts. Running time: 60-90 minutes. Cast size: 7 actors max.

FALL 2024: Life Jacket will produce either a public reading of excerpts of the show or a reading of the full play (mutually agreed between the playwright and Life Jacket) in New York City. Playwright must be available during all rehearsals as well as the reading, and agree to participate in a post-show discussion about the play and creation process.


Playwright will receive $10,000 to be paid in installments: $2,500 upon signing an agreement; $2,500 upon submitting final transcripts; $2,500 upon submitting full play; and $2,500 post-reading. Deadlines will be mutually agreed upon between the playwright and Life Jacket.


Successful applicants will have a history of telling Trans stories onstage and have experience with weaving nonfictional stories into theatrical works. We broadly define “Trans” to include gender non-conforming, gender-expansive, and nonbinary individuals.


Applicants should submit a brief bio (1,000 characters max, including spaces) and writing sample (10 pages max, PDF only) before 5:00pm EST on July 12, 2023. No late submissions will be considered.

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