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Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Good Life Review seeks BIPOC submissions for its Autumn 2023 Issue


Deadline: August 1, 2023 2:00 AM

The Good Life Review is an online literary journal committed to exploring the overlooked. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska—astride the oft unnoticed—we recognize that there are a myriad of voices that call the regions surrounding us home. Our mission is to lift up the strange, the daring, and the underrepresented to reveal complexities hidden in the heartland and beyond.

Work submitted here will be considered for our autumn 2023 issue (online). We publish poetry, stage & screen plays, flash fiction, flash nonfiction, fiction, nonfiction, and Spanish translations. 

Payment for this issue is $55 per published piece of writing. Genre guidelines are as follows:

For Stage Plays & Screenplays: 
  • We consider original, previously unpublished 10-Minute plays, One Acts, and short films and television scripts/pilots up to 30 pages in length.
  • Paginate each script.
  • Please include a cover page with no identifying information as well as character breakdown list and staging instructions.
  • Scripts diverging from standard playscript or screenplay formatting will not be considered. Please ensure each script is formatted for performance: An example can be found here.

We support Spanish translations as long as the rights to translate have been previously acquired.

For all submissions: Please ensure that all personal identifiable information (name, email, address, phone, etc.) is removed from the attached document. Failure to do so will result in submission disqualification. A comprehensive set of guidelines can be found on the submission page of our website.

General guidelines are as follows:
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are promptly made aware of an acceptance elsewhere. To withdraw individual flash pieces or poems, please send a message from the submission indicating which title(s) are being withdrawn.
  • The Good Life Review acquires First North American Serial Rights and the right to maintain an archive copy of work online. All other rights revert to author upon publication with a request  that if the work is reprinted, appropriate acknowledgment to The Good Life Review is made.
  • We do not publish offensive work or pieces which exhibit hatred directed toward a particular gender, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual identity, socioeconomic class, or other status, regardless of protected by law. In other words—if you are an asshole, we don't want your writing or your money.
  • Each submissions should include work from only one genre/category (for example do not create a submission with both fiction and poetry unless it is to be considered as a hybrid piece). Multiple submissions are fine, but don't get too crazy (or do... whatever makes you happy). 
  • Please do not submit the same piece twice unless specifically requested to do so by one of our editors. 
  • Work must be original and previously uncurated. Please reference this thoughtful article by Tim Green on curation versus publication. We want your very best!

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