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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Wild Culture co-production program


Deadline: none given

Click here to submit your work for consideration in the Wild Culture program

Wild Culture is a co-production program where wild project partners with a cross-section of independent, downtown performance artists to help both professional and emerging theater performers nurture, broaden and advance projects that are in various stages of development. 

Wild Culture co-productions give artists subsidized access to wild project’s 89-seat theater, box-office split, tech staff and community outreach to sustain the innovative creativity of downtown performance and unburden independent artists from prohibitive production costs. 

The program generally grants each project limited engagements of one to three performances. Projects that wish to submit to Wild Culture should align with wild project’s mission to enrich and educate the community, explore issues relating to female, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ artist communities, and demonstrate a clear performance aesthetic.

Wild Culture adapts each partnership to the specific needs and artistic vision of the project. Wild Culture is an ongoing program throughout the year.

If you have a project that might be suitable for a Wild Culture partnership, please email Producing Artistic Director Ana Mari de Quesada at adequesada@thewildproject.org to get the conversation going to partner with us.

wild project is a theater, film, music, and visual arts venue that presents diverse, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining works to the vibrant and growing community of Alphabet City in New York’s East Village. Founded in 2007, wild project is an innovator among arts venues, providing an eco-friendly theater and gallery where the artists and space nurture each other. The company is dedicated to creating an environment that supports the artists, and to cultivating artists that support the environment. With an eco-conscious approach to presenting the dynamic works of hundreds of emerging artists each year.

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