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Monday, March 21, 2022

National Playwriting and Composing Month April 2022


The Dramatists Guild of America is very pleased to announce the third annual national playwriting month, End of Play.®

Beginning April 1st, 2022, participating playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists will be challenged to write a brand new play or musical, or revise an old draft. Through a combination of community building events, motivation, and that all important deadline, DG hopes to inspire countless new works.

End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores or songs over the period of one month. Starting with a successful launch in 2020, hundreds of participating dramatic writers across the world connected with one another to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of writing the first draft of new plays.

Each year, writers set goals for themselves at the beginning of End of Play.® month and post weekly updates about how they are doing to the community. Goals may include writing a new full-length play/musical, two one-act plays/musicals, or completing a second draft of any of the above. Ultimately, the goal of End of Play.® is to get writers to the finish line through motivation and community.

How to Participate

Interested in taking part? The next round of End of Play.® will take place in the month of April 2022 (pens up April 1, pens down April 30). Sign up using the registration form below.

Want to get more involved? You can also sign up as an End of Play.® Motivator. Partners are those who are interested in taking End of Play.® one step further by planning a kick-off party, a silent writing session, meet and greet etc.

Fostering an artistic community is more important than ever before. So connect with your fellow playwrights, and lets all make something we're proud of. Once you've signed up, help us spread the word! Share you're doing End of Play.® 2022 and challenge a friend on social media using #EndOfPlay. Anyone can do it!

Any questions can be directed to Lily Dwoskin or Jordan Stovall.

Registration Form

End of Play.® is open to both members and non-members of the Dramatists Guild. Writers of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate; prior playwriting experience is not necessary. Join the challenge today!


Tips for Participating in End of Play

If you have a new play or musical brewing in your mind, End of Play.® is the perfect time to get started. Considering joining End of Play.® 2022? Here are some things to work on between now and “Pens Up!” on April 1 to help best prepare you for this time.

1. Plan an achievable goal for something you would like to write: re-drafting a play, one full-length play, two one acts, etc.

2. If you are writing a new play, pick a source material, story, or topic that you would like to write about; Looking to spice things up a bit? Find a friend to trade prompts and writing exercises with (e.g., pictures to base a story or scene from), or find ways to give each other fun challenges along the way (e.g., you must write the word “cumberbund” on the fifth page if your script, etc.);

3. If you are planning to work with a collaborator, be sure to check out the Dramatists Guild collaboration agreements (click the respective links for plays or musicals);

4. If it’s helpful, begin the outlining process;

5. Do some depth of character exercises to explore and get to know your characters in advance;

6. Choose a place, or several places, where you are comfortable writing;

7. Treat yourself to some nice writing equipment - you deserve it!;

8. Plan out your accountability mechanisms - how will you keep to your goal?;

9. Check out the Dramatists Guild National Silent Writing events page to see if there is an upcoming session that will work with your schedule;

10. Read through some recent issues of The Dramatist to get your inspiration flowing;

11. See what Regional Events are happening near you, and register for any upcoming End of Play.® events that might be of interest! Don’t see one in your area? Consider registering your interest to become an End of Play.® volunteer events coordinator, and provide invaluable resources and opportunities to other participants in your area.

12. Get ready to challenge yourself, bring your writing to new heights, and join in on the fun!

Watch An Information Session

Our video information sessions allow End of Play.® participants and prospective participants to learn more about how the month-long writing challenge works, including the logistics of optional writing groups, daily emails, and related events for the End of Play.® community.

Information Session for Participants

Information Session for Partners

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