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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Rogue Theater Festival


Deadline: April 1, 2022

Now accepting new works for the fourth annual and uniquely hybrid Rogue Theater Festival! Rogue is looking for new works by emerging writers and artists to present their piece live for an audience OR virtually for an audience. We encourage anyone who feels they have a story to tell to submit their piece to the festival. Rogue believes in equal opportunity for all. 



Participants may choose to participate in Scenario A (in person and live in NYC) or Scenario B (remote filming anywhere in the U.S.and virtual presentation)

Performances: June 30th-July 3rd (each show will have 1 performance that performs at The Players Theatre or streams via ShowTix4U)

Each Scenario A show will have 1 technical rehearsal during the week of June 28th-July 1st at The Players Theatre

Each Scenario B show will give Rogue Theater Festival their edited piece by June 1st to be inserted into a final package before presentation by Rogue Theater Festival

Playwrights and Producers are fully responsible for putting up their production (e.g. Director, union contacts if choosing to use union members, rehearsal space, transportation fees, salaries, marketing, costumes, casting etc.).

There is a one time, nonrefundable, participation fee. You do NOT need to pay to submit your play, only if you plan to participate in the festival.

Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival.

Each Scenario A participant will need to show proof of vaccination in order to have access to The Players Theatre technical rehearsal and performance opportunity.

Scenario A participants will not need to wear masks during rehearsal or performance within the theater, but will be required to wear a mask when in any public spaces within The Players Theatre.

Rogue will require audience members to show proof of vaccination and wear masks for each performance.


  • Scenario A: 10 minutes to 1 hour long with no intermission.
  • Scenario B: 10 minutes to 1.5 hours long (if it's longer we will consider it, but no guarantees).
It may be a play, musical, improv piece, stand up comedy set, clowning routine, one person work, burlesque number, poetry, spoken word, song cycle, or dance. If you have something else we’d be thrilled to hear from you too!

It must be an original work, but having been performed before is totally fine!



Participants will perform their piece at The Players Theatre in New York City with Rogue Festival serving as front of house and lighting/sound board operator. They will be assigned a date and time where they will come in for a tech rehearsal prior to their performance date and time.

Participants will be required to turn in lighting and sound design desires (along with the MP3’s of the sounds) before their technical rehearsal.

Participants will have lighting and sound design done and ready for them on their tech date along with a professional Stage Manager to run all design cues.

Participants will have access to certain set pieces and props provided by the theater.

Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival.

  • Theater space at The Players Theater for one technical rehearsal.
  • Professional Designer to design Lighting and Sound.
  • Professional Stage Manager to run Lighting and Sound Cues.
  • Press opportunities for your show and the festival as a whole
  • Use of predetermined set pieces and props at the theater.
  • 25% of box office sales for your individual show.


  • ​Participants will film their piece remotely and send Rogue Theater Festival their finished product. 
  • Participants may film their piece on zoom, in their home, on location, in a theater they have access to, or any other way they can SAFELY imagine as long as the quality of the video and audio is acceptable.
  • Rogue will create a ‘final package’ including an introduction for the festival, the filmed piece, and any bonus features you would like featured at the end.
  • Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival.


Press opportunities for your show and the festival as a whole.
‘Final Package’ video of your show presented by Rogue.
25% of box office sales for your individual show.


P.S. Interested in our freshly annual Playwright in Residence Program!?

When submitting your piece for Rogue Theater Festival, please mention if you would like to be considered for the Playwright in Residence Program for this season. If so, please also attach a resume for our consideration (it's okay if it's not a purely playwriting resume!)

Rogue Theater Festival will be offering three residency opportunities for the 2022 season. Residencies will include:
  • No participation fee for Rogue Theater Festival, 2022
  • Four comp tickets for Rogue Theater Festival, 2022
  • Zoom writing workshop with LA based professional screen and stage writer
  • Zoom writing workshop with NYC based professional screen and stage writer


Please submit your piece (pdf attachment please) to roguetheaterfestival@gmail.com care of Allison.

The deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 1st.

We will be reviewing all submissions and contacting selected participants by or before Friday, April 15th.

If selected, there will be a one-time participation fee. Scenario A participants ($130) and Scenario B participants ($70). These are non-refundable.

Please send us an email if you feel you need more information and to get to know us better!

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