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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Land Rights: open call for projects 2022-2023


Deadline: none given

Athens Greece

Submission form

Who has rights to the land? Does the land have rights? Who has access to natural resources and the “commons” and who grants it? How has modernity shaped our relation to nature and how has this relationship in turn shaped our culture, our social relationships and our daily lives?

In our present moment of late capitalism, we are witnessing a clash between local communities and transnational capital, over our most fundamental relationship to life, civilization and social structuring: the land, and the human right to it. From the Balkans to the Pacific, local communities are fighting - most times with their very bodies- to defend their land, the natural resources and their ways of living. In this struggle they are standing against a complex network of interests involving state, corporate, legal and media powers, which - and that’s not an overstatement - are taking control over the planet and its resources. Despite the victories for these local movements, some of which have gone as far as succeeding to grant legal rights for nature, we are faced, more than ever before, with massive land grabs (and subsequent massive exclusions from resources) and an unprecedented environmental catastrophe.

With the present call, we invite artists of all fields (dance, performance, visual arts, video, theatre, playwriting etc) , culture professionals, architects and urban designers, documentarists, activists and researchers, to submit their work on themes related to the rights to the land/rights of the land. Interested applicants may submit for a presentation or a residency, a finished project or an in-progress work.

Themes may include but are not limited to:

-Public space and the commons
-Urban space, architecture, imaginary spaces/ cities
-Indigenous communities, histories, cultures and struggles to defend the land
-Food politics
-Colonial and neocolonial land politics and histories
-Decolonization: reclaiming the land and resources, redefining the relationship between humans and the environment.
-Climate catastrophe
-Climate refugees

The works that will be selected through the open call, will be presented at 1927 art space as part of an interdisciplinary programming that will include performances, staged readings, art exhibitions, artistic residencies, talks and debates, and will take place over the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023 in Athens. Information and questions: 1927artspace@gmail.com | www.1927online.art.blog
Only selected artists will be contacted

Conditions of participation: For international artists/researchers/resident artists, depending on the project and its needs, 1927 art space will offer hospitality for up to 3 persons. 

When an event is ticketed, artists/participants will receive half of the box office income. 

For visual arts, artists have the option to have their work available for sale. 

1927 art space will work with artists in order to raise support from different institutions in Greece and around the world.

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