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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Native Voices: 12th Annual Short Play Festival


Deadline: January 10, 2022

*Please note that we only accept submissions written for the stage or theatre by American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and First Nations artists.

**Please also note our new submission deadlines! We have reformatted our season so that the Short Play Festival will be performed in March, the Playwrights Retreat and Festival will remain in June, and our main production will rehearse in September with performances in October.
Short Plays

TRICKSTER : Coyotes, Rabbits, and Ravens, Oh My!

Many Native stories involve a Trickster, a cunning, crafty, clever, mischief-making being who often teaches humankind how to be while embodying what not to be. A Trickster is the ultimate disrupter. They can be charming, witty, funny, harsh, critical, but they have a truth to share with us if we only listen. And if we don’t listen? Well, they will find a way whether we like it or not.

We promise: this isn't a trick! For our 2022 Short Play Festival, we invite you to tell a story inspired by a Trickster. These plays can be funny, sad, triumphant, or anything in between. The only rule: they must be 10 minutes long. They also must incorporate the theme "Trickster" (see? I tricked you! I said there was one rule but there's actually two!)

Plays chosen to participate in the 12th Annual Short Play Festival will also be entered to win the Von Marie Atchley Excellence in Playwriting award – a $1,000 cash prize!!

Scripts longer than 15 pages or read aloud at longer than 10 minutes will not be accepted. Fresh, surprising perspectives are welcome, and unique theatricality is a must.

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