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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Onstage/Offstage Seeks Postponed/Cancelled Short Plays for Podcast

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Deadline: 11:59PM TUESDAY, APRIL 8.

As some of you may be aware, Onstage/Offstage is a podcast that, in its eight years of production, has interviewed theatre artists from across the globe and from all aspects of theatre life.  Right now we're somewhere around 125 episodes, some of which have featured readings of short plays.

In light of the negative effects of COVID-19, I want to bring back our play readings for the next few months.

As of April 1 I will be soliciting short plays—but only short plays that were scheduled to have been produced but were cancelled due to theatres suspending their programs.

We believe that folks who got lucky once should have a second chance to have their work produced, at least on some level.

Only plays that follow the following guidelines will be considered for production:

  • Your play must have been selected either for a production at a theatre that solicited work in an open-to-the-public opportunity or through NPX tagging or as a selection at a major conference which has since cancelled its program. All production dates would have had to be in calendar year 2020. Please provide verification of your work's acceptance;
  • Plays must run no longer than 15 minutes;
  • Two, three, or four characters;
  • No plays with excessive foul language (our shows are broadcast over public radio). Selected plays will be broadcast on WRFI 88.1 Ithaca Community Radio and podcasted on our web site (www.onstageoffstage.org) and iTunes.
  • Submissions will aired/be available as podcast on a date TBD.
  • Submissions are welcome by email ONLY from 12:01AM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 to 11:59PM TUESDAY, APRIL 8. Send submissions to: sapiogeorge@gmail.com. The email message header must read OSOS Play submission/ Second Chance/ YOUR LAST NAME/ PLAY TITLE.
  • Selected plays will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded by Onstage/Offstage personnel.
  • Playwrights must agree to do a short interview via Skype at a mutually convenient time to accompany their play.
  • Please do not submit plays that require extensive reading of stage directions. We feel that the work should be overwhelmingly dialogue;
  • But on the other hand, no monologues.
  • No overly excessive language. Not that we are against strong language in a work, but I have to bleep it for public airwave broadcast. I leave it au naturel for the podcast;
  • Plays MUST BE IN PDF FORM with playwright contact and cast/tech/set info on cover page, and pages numbered. (You'd be surprised. No, really, you would.)
  • Please title your PDF documents in the following form: YOUR LAST NAME Play title.
  • No more than ONE submission per author.
  • By submitting, you agree to let Onstage/Offstage produce, air, and podcast your work. No worries: you will have prominent credit.
  • We cannot afford to pay you. We do regret this, as artists should be reimbursed for their craft. But we are a shoestring operation (my wife has banished me to the garage) and without funding. We hope that the podcast with your interview and produced work will suffice.
  • Again: please address submissions and inquiries to: sapiogeorge@gmail.com
  • By submitting you state agreement to all of the above conditions.

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