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Monday, April 6, 2020

Bava's Gift, an ICRL Playwriting Competition

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Deadline: Wednesday, April 15th at 9:00 pm EDT

Based on events that can only be described as miraculous, the book "Bava’s Gift" blends ideas in science and spirituality, and delivers a fresh and engaging perspective about the nature of such events. The story begins with the death of the author’s close friend, but everything takes an amazing turn when a hastily prepared experiment that requires the cooperation of the deceased shatters commonly accepted notions about reality.

The Challenge:

Bava’s Gift touches on many facets of consciousness and the human condition. Arising from the simple gift of a marble, we see not only how our state of mind can help determine what we find in life, but how we are able to connect with other consciousnesses – even those that are “beyond” the grave – in unique and impactful ways.

We challenge you to create a play where:
  • Someone is guided by a soul or spirit that is not immediately present.
  • One or more of the characters finds a new meaning in something they thought they previously understood fully.
  • Some kind of physical object appears in higher-than-normal quantities.
  • Plays should be limited to roughly ten minutes in length. We’ll live with eleven or twelve minutes if necessary, but 15+ minute plays will not be read.
  • Only one entry per playwright.
  • Please use either Samuel French formatting or something comparable. The specific details don’t really matter, but we do want something that results in about one page per minute.
  • Scripts must be blind, i.e. no author-identifying information of any kind anywhere in the file.
  • Files must be in pdf format.
  • File name must be the exact title of the script, with spaces replaced by hyphens, followed by a hyphen and then the last two digits of your phone number (as a random factor). Example: If Jane Smith (with phone number xxx-xxx-xx84) submits a play entitled “The Chess Game”, the filename must be “The-Chess-Game-84.pdf” (capitalization in file names does not matter).
  • Scripts should include a title page with the play’s title, a cast list with genders and any age requirements, and the setting.
  • An brief explanation of relevance, i.e. how the script addresses the topic/challenge, must be included in the submission form (we are sorry to have to ask for this, but past experience has shown that many people submit scripts that don’t have anything to do with the prompt, resulting in a lot of wasted time for the judges).
  • The play must be brand new and written specifically for this challenge. Existing or re-purposed plays are not permitted.
  • The playwright retains all rights to the script, but grants ICRL the right to record a reading of the play and to post that recording online.
  • The submission period ends on Wednesday, April 15th at 9:00 pm (eastern)
Plays are to be submitted online here.

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