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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The 8th Annual Unfringed Festival Call For Submissions

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Applications accepted Feb, 2016 – June 1st, 2017th *

In the summer of 2013, The First Annual UNFringed Festival brought bold and daring new works to The Secret Theatre of Long Island City, Queens – named “One of NYC’S best theater spots” by Time Out.

Now, in July/August 2018, UNFringed returns with new original shows for our 6th Annual Unfringed Festival.

UNFringed seeks new and exciting works that challenge audiences, facilitating lively discussion and interaction between artists and viewers.

Talk to us in your cover letter. Tell us why you want to be a part of UNFringed, and how your work will benefit from being involved.

Applications will be accepted electronically from February, 2018 to June 1st, 2018.
However participants are encouraged to submit early because the selection process starts early May and you may get more preparation time if you are chosen early. All entries will be considered.

There is no submission fee to apply!
Please submit only complete applications. If application is incomplete, it will not be considered. Complete applications include a full script, contact information, and press information. The application form is available via the link below and also via our website. You will get an emailed response confirming your submission. If you are submitting more than one show, each show must have its own application and support materials.

All applicants will receive notification via email on or before June 10th. At this time, if you are accepted to the festival, you will receive further instructions for information and an online form. We use a rolling submissions policy. This online form must be filled out immediately and be accompanied by a non-refundable $400.00 participation fee, which can be paid online.

If your show is accepted to the festival, you are given a slot in which to produce your show. We are not producing your show, we are merely presenting it. You or your producing organization must hire your own cast, crew, and staff, secure your own rights, and run your own rehearsals, etc. We will assist you if you are applying for an Equity showcase by providing an insurance certificate and advice but you make the application.

All shows will be presented in one venue for at least 4-6 performances throughout the duration of the festival. This number is dictated by the number of successful applications. Performances will be between 6pm and Midnight on weekdays, and between Noon and Midnight on weekends. There is only a 30 minute change-over time between shows. Your curtain time will vary from day to day in order to that ensure all shows receive an equal amount of prime performance times. Keep in mind that when you are striking or setting up your show, another show is also striking or setting up. Keep aspects of your production minimal, please!

UNFringed handles all aspects of ticketing and box office. Full priced tickets are $18 in advance, and $20 at the door.

1. $500 Best of Festival Prize –awarded to the show that receives the largest popular vote.
2. All participants receive 50% of door after first 13 full price tickets.
3. No Submission Fees.
4. Low participation fee. Most companies can easily recoup their costs and should make a profit.

You will need to keep the technical requirements of your show very simple. The venue is equipped with basic lighting and sound equipment. Storage space is minimal. Since the space is shared with all shows in that venue you may get some storage but will be sharing with other companies so no large set pieces or furniture. Each company will have only one cue to cue technical/dress rehearsal in the venue. We will provide a lighting designer for your tech so that your cues are all written for your operator. We will also provide an on site house manager.
Technical equipment:
* Full lighting rig incl ETC Express console, a combination of Source 4s and par cans. Qlab for cueing sound via and iMac.
* Other sound equipment available [some items subject to low rental fee].
* We have a projector for use at an additional $50 per show but recommend that your video files are stored and played from a laptop provided by your company. The projector input is VGA so you may need to have a suitable adaptor.

UNFringed will publicize the festival and coordinate overall press relations. You will be asked to submit publicity photos and PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print and broadcast media. You are welcome to publicize your own show through your own press releases, mailers, handbills, busking and/or posters. The more you promote your show, the larger your potential audience.
We can provide Video Production for your show at extremely reasonable rates filmed on a 2 or 3 camera set up and fully edited. Price depends on length of show. Please contact us for full details.

If you are accepted to UNFringed, part of our agreement prohibits the performance of your show anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut anytime during the months of June, July, August, Sept & Oct 2018. Preference is given to premieres but provided your play will be of interest to an audience we are interested to read it premiere or not.
Performances elsewhere within our audience area greatly impact ticket sales to UNFringed. Please keep this restriction in mind when accepting other invitations to perform your show during these months, particularly before you have received acceptance status notification from UNFringed.

Out-of-area participants, like locals, are responsible for all aspects of production and additional publicity for their show, as well as travel expenses, securing working visas (where required), and accommodations. UNFringed cannot help with housing for a participating company. Please bear this in mind before applying. It can be hard to mount a show in NYC even if you are normally based in for example, Hackensack NJ. The physical distance may not be great but unless you cast NY actors or can find an NJ cast that is willing to come in for the shows which may be at different times this could become onerous. We want your show but we also want you to have no more than the normal stress of mounting a production!

Submit Here
You can also submit via secrettheatre.com

For more information please contact us by email : Veronica
The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
E, M, G or 7 train to Courthouse SQ/23rd St.

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