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Friday, May 25, 2018

Winneshiek Theater seeks fractured fairy tales

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We’re looking for humorous Fractured Fairy Tales that change a fairy tale in an unexpected way; altering characters, adding modern language or events, changing an ending, etc.

The rules must be followed exactly, or our magic wand will make your script disappear! We don’t want you crying in the tower alone!

WHAT: It has to be based on an actual fairy tale, as our children’s theater program is literature based and we will be purchasing the book of the fairy tale to accompany the fractured play.

DEADLINE: June 1, 2018, no exceptions

HOW LONG: Up to 20 pages, excluding playwright info page. Anything longer will not be considered. Must be appropriate for children ages 9-13, G-rated!

HOW MANY CHARACTERS: A min. of 12, max of 14, all speaking roles of varying lengths. We’re cool with trees, animals, flowers, tea cups, etc. having verbal input.

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Yes, yes, we will! Two (2) winners will received $100 for the rights to perform your piece twice, after which all rights revert back to you and you can say it’s been performed on a real theatrical stage! Please submit your play using the Standard Stage Play Format.

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR SCRIPTS TO info@winneshiekplayers.org with FRACTURED FAIRY TALES in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your contact info. We will contact the two winners by mid-June.

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