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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The New York New Works Theatre Festival 2018

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IF your project is chosen to participate in the festival there will be an $897.00 participation fee that is used to defray a portion of the costs.

The New York New Works Theatre Festival has aggregated  leaders in the television and theatre communities who donate their time to review and work with the leading writers of tomorrow.

Performing in the heart of Times Square's celebrated theatre district (2017 took place at the Duke Theatre), NYNW has made a point of selecting  pieces that are considered of the upper echelon of talent that the industry has to offer; participants range from those still in school, to television celebrities, to Broadway stars, to Broadway revivals.  All styles are represented i.e. plays, musicals, and comedies.  Several of our applicants have even adapted screenplays for the stage to expose their writing to Festival attendees whose work focuses on film and television.

Performance lengths are to be between 10 and 26 minutes as the feedback has been that investors can tell within moments if it is a piece of work that they wish to participate in and appreciate being able to see several investment worthy performances in one evening.  Many past performances are full length in nature however, were abbreviated for this showcase; many are one acts.

Great lengths are taken to create an environment that is conducive for developing relationships with various producers.  In 2017, the Festival absorbed the expense for four gatherings that included some semblance of food, open bar, and legitimate decision makers in the industry.  Our success page speaks for itself and represents the relationships that have developed.

Several shows have seen success.  From last season alone, multiple participants are heading to Off Broadway and 2 have been partnered up with Producers from the Festival to assist them on their journey to Broadway;  since inception over 25 NYNW participants are progressing to the next level.  This year a documentary team will be chronicling the Broadway / Silver Screen journey of many NYNW participants.  Please identify in your application interesting, "story worthy" notes that make your submission special.

Once your application has been submitted please remember to email your script / cover letter / photos to nynwtheatrefestival@gmail.com .  "Like" our FaceBook page and follow our Instagram account for updates!

The Festival commences late Summer / early Fall of 2018!

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