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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Scranton Fringe Festival 2018

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The 2018 Scranton Fringe Festival is September 22nd - September 30th (main performances scheduled Thursday September 27th thru Sunday September 30th) Touring / out of town artists are NOT required to arrive the first few days.

Please read ALL of the info below before applying – even if you are Scranton Fringe alumni (welcome back) there have been MANY big changes! We are honing in this year to make the festival even better - so production slots will be more limited than previous years.
Please read carefully and be sure you understand the changes before filling out your information. These guidelines and application are part of your contract with Scranton Fringe.

Applications will be open February 21st  to March 30th at 5:00 pm (EST).

 ● We are looking for:  new takes on old works; newly created pieces; quirky, unusual, vibrant and creative theater; cabaret; dance; puppetry; magic; musicals; immersive theater; circus; solo shows; and children’s programming.

● We are NOT looking for:  anything shorter than 45 minutes, stage readings, music, or reprises of productions recently performed in the area.

Is Fringe right for your production?

We believe there's a place for everyone in Fringe and we welcome participation from anyone who wants to come play. But Fringe isn't the right place for every kind of production.

● All shows must fit either the standard (45-60 minute length) OR extended/feature (60-80 minute length) time limits.   These time limits include any curtain calls or audience discussions. Shows that run longer will be cut off by the house lights to maintain the schedule, without exceptions. PLEASE

NOTE: All shows require at least 45 minutes of  content  (it will not be permitted for a show to justify 45 minutes with intermissions/set changes/etc).

● No elaborate tech.  You must be able to load in and set up your show in  ten minutes , and you get the same ten minutes to strike after your show. Storage is available at ALL Scranton Fringe venues, but the exact amount varies. The “featured/extend length” productions have the potential for more advance tech (though fundamental Fringe principles still apply).

● You may bring in additional projection equipment to venues only with advance notice and permission.  We understand multi media / AV projection can be a creative element in your show, but help us help YOU by giving us as much notice as possible. Fringe reserves the right to not allow any special / outside tech in certain venues if advanced notice was not given.

● Promote! Promote! Promote!  All productions / shows within the festival are required to promote their own show using the Scranton Fringe festival logo (provided) on all marketing materials.

● Marketing Workshop.  Scranton Fringe will conduct a special marketing workshop (at least two sessions) in advance of the 2018 festival.  At least 1 delegate from every production must attend one of the sessions.  Skype attendance will be arranged for out-of-town artists.

● Stage Readings : Fringe loves work that is “in progress” - however for our mainstage performances we will not be considering any stage readings for 2018 (The free Teen Playwright Showcase being the only exception). Stage readings are not what our audiences are typically looking for. However, we are currently  considering  offering a “Playwright's Lab” during the 2018 Festival so writers can present their own stage readings as free performances. Interested in mounting a stage reading at Scranton Fringe 2018? Contact us at  Info@ScrantonFringe.org  (Please note “stage readings” do not apply to poetry or prose readings wherein “Reading” the work live is the standard medium).
 Out of necessity, Fringe's production framework is rather specific. We don't want to discourage
 you from dreaming big, but there are some real limitations you'll have to take into account for
 your show:

 ● Children’s Theater:  In 2018 we are accepting application for our children’s programming , Early Stages  (formerly called FringeYOUTH), within the main application.   This is a curated series with slightly different aims/rules than the main festival, presented free to the public with funding from a Lackawanna County Arts & Culture grant. Please email info@scrantonfringe.org with any questions regarding Early Stages.

Please note that we will only accept one application per primary contact and/or one application per producing company. If accepted into the festival, this primary contact will be responsible for ensuring ALL members of their team get any updates from Fringe and comply with the contract.
While it is not prohibited for performers to participate in more than one Fringe production, Scranton Fringe can make no specific scheduling accommodations for actors to be in multiple shows.
The basics: Time and money

● Scranton Fringe Festival 2018 will take place  Saturday September 22nd  – Sunday
September 30t h . All shows should be prepared to perform anytime within the festival (as well as 1 tech rehearsal sometime between Friday September 21st –Tuesday September 25t  h ).

● Scranton Fringe does not charge any application fee – you are free to submit your most Fringe-worthy production without risking any funds!

● Each production receives  70%  of its box office receipts (paid by check / mailed 4-8 weeks following the festival).

● If selected, all productions are required to pay a production fee.  Production fee revenue will be utilized to help cover just part of the festivals many expenses (venue rental, tech, staffing, insurance, printing, general marketing, etc).

● Production fees vary depending on number of shows and size of venue . These fees directly fund the festival costs and help make the festival sustainable. Fringe will try to accommodate your choices as space/schedule allows & the specifics will be noted in each contract. The breakdown of fees is as follows:

● 2 performances small venue ($80)
● 2 performances medium venue ($120)
● 2 performances large venue ($160)
● 3 performances small venue ($120)
● 3 performances medium venue ($180)
● 3 performances large venue ($240)
● 2 Featured performances Large venue ($240)*
● 3 Featured performances Large venue ($360)*
*Please note in application if you want to be considered as a featured act
● Selected shows will be offered a contract (with venue/schedule)  by May 2018 . Production fees are due upon signing. Shows that fail to reply by the TBD deadline run the risk of their slot being offered to another applicant.

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