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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation grant guidelines

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The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation offers grants to production companies to offset expenses in producing theatrical works (plays, musicals, performance art, operas, choral works, orchestral works with text) and film or video. All works must be LGBTQ-themed and must be based on, or inspired by, history. See What Is Historical? for more information.

Grants may be used toward any aspect of a production. Grants do not exceed $1,500; the amount of each is decided on an individual basis.  When choosing which projects to fund, the foundation gives priority to new works and to productions aimed at creating new audiences for LGBTQ-themed performing-arts works. Please note: The foundation no longer supports revivals of plays by well-known LGBTQ playwrights.

Please be advised that the foundation is NOT a production company. Grantees are responsible for producing the works for which they receive grants.

Also, please note that the foundation makes production grants only to incorporated not-for-profit entities such as theatrical companies, film and video production organizations, and the like. If you are an individual not associated with a not-for-profit organization that will produce your work, you are not eligible for consideration for a production grant. If you or your group is not an incorporated not-for-profit but is affiliated with a not-for-profit that can act as your fiscal sponsor, please tell us the name of that organization and provide documentation of its 501(c)3 status.

Proposals may be submitted throughout the year; please allow 60 to 90 days for a response.


Submit your proposal electronically, as an email with attachments, to: info@aabbfoundation.org.
In the body of your email, describe the proposed production, provide brief information about the organization mounting the work, include information about the historical inspiration for the work, and explain how the grant will be utilized. If you wish, you may include other relevant information about the project; such information may include theater capacity, ticket prices, planned production dates, community outreach efforts, or (for a film or video project) projected distribution.
In your email, please ask for a specific dollar amount. If we approve your proposal, we may not be able to provide funding at the level requested, but it is essential for us to know exactly how much money you are asking for.
Please make sure to provide your email address, phone number, and postal mailing address.
If a production budget is available, please include it as an attachment, specifying which expense(s) a grant from the foundation will pay for.
Include the work to be produced as an attachment. The required content of submissions varies by genre (see immediately below), but all submitted works must concern LGBTQ life and must be based on history. Texts, scores, etc. should be clearly labeled with the work’s title, the author’s or composer’s name, the submitting organization, and all appropriate postal and email addresses and phone numbers.

Specific requirements by genre are as follows:

For plays, musicals, or screenplays:

Manuscripts should be in standard play or screenplay format, using a 12-point or larger font, and saved as a .doc, .docx, or PDF.
In the case of musicals, audio segments should be attached as MP3 files and limited to a total of 10 minutes. We will request more if necessary. If samples are available online, please provide us with a link to the relevant website.
For opera, choral works, orchestral works with texts, or song cycles (popular or classical):

A piano-vocal score if scored for orchestra OR a full score if the work is for a small ensemble or chorus.
A complete libretto OR a complete book and lyrics.
Audio segments attached as MP3 files and limited to a total of 10 minutes. We will request more if necessary. If samples are available online, please provide us with a link to the relevant website.
For film or video projects:

A screenplay, treatment, or prospectus.
A link or links to websites for viewing trailers, clips from the work-in-progress, and/or excerpts from previous works.

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