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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Parity Productions seeks submissions

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A letter from the Artistic Director to Submitting Playwrights

Thank you for your interest in submitting work to Parity Productions.

To best protect your script, we encourage (and request) that all playwrights register their scripts with copyright.gov before submission. Please go to http://www.copyright.gov/ for more information.

We believe the next great play can come from anywhere; we read all submissions and make no judgments based on a playwright’s education or representation.

If you are a fan of our all inclusive policy, join our mailing list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. We regularly filter and curate a variety of interesting, informative content on theatre and parity on social media which we think you’ll enjoy. We also include information and ticket offers to Qualifying Productions – shows that meet the 50% hiring standard for playwrights, directors, and designers. (As a service to the industry, we provide substantial and free support to Qualifying Productions in the form of social media, e-blasts, PR support, and placement in our online directory).

Please see the steps below on how to submit your work. We look forward to reading it.

Ludovica Villar-Hauser
Founder & Artistic Director

Submitting Your Script

When to Submit​
Please note that Parity Productions is not currently accepting scripts. Script submissions will reopen on December 1, 2017 and will close at the end of 5 weeks (January 5, 2018) or when we reach 500 submissions.

How to Submit
When submissions reopen, you may submit your script using the form. It is requested that all playwrights submit two full-length plays. Please indicate in the form which play you are submitting for Commission/production consideration and which play you are submitting as a writing sample. If two plays have not been completed, then playwrights can submit one full-length play and no fewer than 25 pages of a second play (or alternate form of fiction writing) as a minimum requirement for submission.

Is this how I submit to The Parity Commission?
The Parity Commission for Women and Transgender Playwrights is open to all women and transgender playwrights. All scripts submitted to us by women and transgender playwrights during our submission period and that fit the requirements outlined below will also be considered for The Commission, but there is no direct application for it. We award The Parity Commission to women and transgender playwrights that we have become familiar with through their submissions and subsequent meetings and interactions with us or other performances of their work. Script submissions will reopen on December 1, 2017 and will close at the end of 5 weeks (January 5, 2018) or when we reach 500 submissions.

Any work that is submitted for The Commission must be new and previously unproduced in a professional production capacity (both Equity and non-Equity). Submitted plays that have been previously produced will be disqualified automatically. However, works that have been read or workshopped may be submitted.

Please note:
All documents must be submitted in PDF format. Your script must be neat and formatted to industry standard (e.g., Sam French, Dramatists Guild, or Final Draft format). Do not put the play title or your name on any page but the title page. Submissions with title or playwright name on any page but the title page will not be read.

What happens after submission?
Once a submission is received, any information as to the playwright's identity will be removed so that the literary team can "blind" read.

What happens if my work is selected?
Playwrights whose work we want to develop or produce will be contacted by Parity Productions directly.

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