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Friday, December 8, 2017

Pallas Theatre Collective TableRead Series

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Pallas Theatre Collective welcomes submissions of completed, full-length and one act musicals for their 2018 TableRead Series between September 15, 2017 and December 15, 2017.

 TableRead 2018 will offer creative teams the opportunity to develop, workshop and present new works of musical theatre in collaboration with Pallas’s new musical development team through a series of university and professional readings (usually 3-4), culminating in a professional black-box style production in 2019 or 2020. Creators are provided a small honorarium and some travel expenses, as well as 10% net box office receipts from the show.

For more information and a list of past winners, visit: pallastheatre.org/TableRead.

Only completed projects will be accepted. Semi-finalists will be asked to submit full libretto, full score (generated through music publishing software, no lead sheets), and complete demos at time of request (demos do not need to be of professional quality). A short interview via skype or google hangout with Pallas Artistic leadership will be required of Finalists. Musicals must be unpublished with no prior large or workshop production history (i.e. if the musical has been produced, it is not eligible for the TableRead program). Proof of rights must be secured by the composers if the musical is based on copyrighted material before submission to TableRead.

TableRead only accepts digital submissions. There is no fee to apply.

Please place all required files in a single folder in a drop site (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.) and send the folder link to tableread@pallastheatre.org. An email will be sent to you to confirm your submission within one week (please do not send emails about confirmation until after one week has passed). Please only include the following materials (incomplete submissions, or those not following guidelines will not be reviewed):
  • Creator contact information & bios
  • Story sentence: (A one sentence statement of the musical’s plot, with the protagonist as the subject of the sentence) & 1 page synopsis detailing all important plot points and the location of all musical numbers)
  • Cast size, character breakdown, including vocal ranges.
  • Development history & a list of attached parties if any (director, MD, actors, agents, current contracts, etc.) NOTE: Pallas Theatre is run by a collective of artists and most work is done ‘in house.’ We may not be able to accommodate all/any attached parties based on the size/scope/timing of the work.
  • First 30 pages of libretto only – must start on page 1 and must include title and credits page.
  • 6 mp3 demo tracks – must include the show’s opening and closing song. Songs submitted not in the first 30 script pages must include a brief description including placement in the show and the song’s function in the play.
*Due to the high volume of submissions we will no longer confirm whether the submission is complete, please be sure to follow the directions carefully

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