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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Write a Monologue for Me Part I: MONOLOGUE FOR TONY WHITE by László Zsolt Fülöp

Thanks to László Zsolt Fülöp and Tony White for their great work.

Laszlo writes:
I was working on a full-length play script about an immigrant who is an engineer. The play starts with a monologue. That's when I saw the ad about the "Write a Monologue for Me" project and I thought I could send in this monologue. But it didn't work because the original monologue was an introduction to a piece and didn't stand well in itself. I could use only a few sentences from that monologue. So I started thinking about what is a "theatrical" space, when one is "on stage" in front of an audience. And there should be a lot at stake for those involved, especially the "actor." The execution/death penalty came to mind. There is a lot--everything--at stake for the "actor," who is actually not an actor at all since he or she doesn't have any agency any more. Looking at it with a European eye, the death penalty is an outmoded, cruel, inhumane form of justice-making. But I didn't want to make it political. All I wanted is to give a little bit of "agency" to the "actor" in this paradox situation. 

László Zsolt Fülöp is an immigrant. He was born and raised by Hungarian parents in the Transylvanian region of Romania under Ceausecu's dictatorship. He teaches film- and theater-related subjects at the University of New Orleans.

Tony White has appeared in many plays from classics to original works, and has directed a variety Off-Off Broadway shows including Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Romeo & Juliet, Uncommon Women, Titus Andronicus, and Lysistrata. He has enjoyed playing Rupert in Rope, Edward in Spike Heels, Deacon Crow-For-a-Day in Tambourines to Glory (nominated best supporting actor 2003 Tiffany Awards), and Reverend Drum in God’s Trombones (nominated best actor 2004 Tiffany Awards). Represented by Carson Kolker Innovative, & Avanti Talent.

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