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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trans Theater Festival

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The Brick is overjoyed to announce a trans theater festival to celebrate the stories, art, histories, and experiences of trans artists. Recognizing trans artists as an invaluable part of our arts community, both currently and historically, this festival is part of an ongoing commitment to elevating their work. For this and many other reasons, The Brick is proud to present a theater and arts festival curated by and featuring the work of Trans Artists.

Announcing The Trans Theater Festival

‪June 5th, 2016 to July 2, 2016‬

Sought: primarily plays, but also dance pieces, films and other performance works that are festival-friendly and ready to present in a repertory format created in part or in whole by trans artists.

Visual art and video installations will also be considered.

The festival hopes to be an all-inclusive showcase of trans artists' work. Pieces are selected for their artistry and sensitivity towards the subject matter. Educational submissions are also highly encouraged (lectures, talkbacks, panels, documentary work, etc.).

No application fee. Box office will be split with accepted shows 70/30 (in favor of the theater) 4 weeks after the close of the festival.

A press rep will be engaged by The Brick to help publicize the festival and the works and artists within. Brick festivals have been known to attract excellent press coverage in previews, interviews, reviews and more.

There will also be a broad educational outreach element of the festival with free events and community engagement.

Deadline: ‪January 30, 2016Acceptance announcements: February 6, 2016

To apply, please fill out the following form, and email any supporting materials to trans@bricktheater.com.

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