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Monday, January 11, 2016

“Bacchanalia!” New Play Readings Festival

Blunt Objects Theatre is proud to announce that we are now accepting entries for the return of our “Bacchanalia!” New Play Readings Festival, coming to New Orleans for 2016.
All submissions are due by January 15, 2016. They must adhere to the theme “This is not the future I was promised.” Lament about your lack of hoverboards, flying cars, or employment, how Captain Planet failed, how Marx told you capitalism would be dead by now, or how Back to the Future lied about the Cubs. Give us your funniest, most heartbreaking, and above all else your best plays with the following parameters:
  • Adhering at least broadly to this year’s theme
  • No more than 5 actors necessary
  • No previous full productions
  • Understand that by submitting your play, if selected for the festival, you grant rights to a full production of your play by Blunt Objects Theatre through 2017. 

Preference will be given to plays with:
  • Plays reading at under 90 minutes
  • Plays with 2-5 decent female roles
Short plays are welcome.

Winning entries will be featured in Blunt Objects Theatre’s Bacchanalia! 2016 New Play Readings Festival in New Orleans.

There is no fee for submission! All entries should be attached in an email to bluntobjectstheatre@gmail.com with the subject “Bacchanalia 2016” and a brief description of the playwright and the submitted play in the body of the email. Applicants are welcome to submit more than one play. There will be no cash prize for winning entries. However, of the winning entries, at least one play will be selected for full production and monetary compensation will be discussed upon closing of the festival.

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