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Sunday, March 30, 2014

iDiOM Theater seeks full-length scripts

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FULL-LENGTH SCRIPTS: Full-length scripts can be submitted with or without a production proposal (see below).

Full length plays must be a minimum of seventy minutes and preferable less than two hours.

We prefer work with small to midsize casts (2-8), but solo shows and larger casts will be considered.

PRODUCTION PROPOSALS: We are accepting production proposals for full-length
plays or other full-length performances suitable to ONE-WEEK to THREE-WEEK runs during the season.

 - Our preference if for new unpublished work by local authors, though we will consider any work not previously produced in Bellingham. 

 - Plays requiring royalty payments to publishers are not likely to be chosen. The theater has a limited number of published works in any season, and we produce them in house.

 - Devised pieces, adaptations, and new translations are welcome.

 - Production proposals for readings, collections of shorts, festivals, or other non-play ideas will be considered.

TO SUBMIT: Submit a script (if applicable)

  • Submit an outline or detailed plan if not a scripted show 
  • Name and short bio of the director 
  • A one paragraph synopsis 
  • A simple budget 
  • Tell us what is important about this show 
  • Tell is why iDiOM is the right home for it 
  • EMAIL SCRIPTS TO submissions.idiom@gmail.com 
  • With subject line PRODUCTION PROPOSAL 
  • Word doc or PDF 
  • Please include your name, email and phone number in email 

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