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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


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If you have a ten-minute play or ten-page scene that needs feedback, send it to TRADE A PLAY TUESDAY (TAPT). TAPT is available to playwrights on an ongoing, weekly basis, and is announced on both Official Playwrights of Facebook and Twitter (follow at @donnahoke to see the confirmation announcements – IF THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION ANNOUNCEMENT, THERE IS NO TAPT THAT WEEK). When you see that it’s on, send your play to donna@donnahoke.com with the subject #TAPT (Trade A Play Tuesday). They will be swapped out two-by-two as they come in. Subject matter can be anything, but there are two important rules:

1) It must be a ten-minute play or ten-page scene. No sneaking in any longer one-acts.

2) You MUST read it and provide feedback within a reasonable time frame: Ideally, this would be WITHIN THREE HOURS, but certainly NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE DAY (that means midnight EST). We all know that once something languishes in your email, it can get lost forever, which would not be fair to the playwright who is diligently reading your play and awaiting your stellar wisdom. If you can’t do it within this time frame, don’t send it until you have the time to dedicate.

Once you’ve sent your feedback and received yours, if you feel like you want more AND are willing to read another play–send it again. I’ll trade you with another playwright. If another play doesn’t show up within two hours, I’ll trade you myself.

And that’s it. If you’ve got a new ten-minute, send it on Tuesday. You’ll get feedback AND meet a cool new playwright. Each week, more and more playwrights are getting in on the action, so help spread the word, and join in.

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