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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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HORIZON'S MISSION: Horizon Theatre Company's mission is to connect people, inspire hope, and promote positive change through the stories of our times. We work towards achieving our mission by creating a welcoming home for a diverse community of audiences and artists to connect with each other, their communities, and the world. We create new diverse plays with developing artists, while also developing new audiences to experience those plays.

NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL MISSION: New South Play Festival, which has been dedicated to producing new plays from, for, and about the contemporary South since 1999. The Festival focuses on new plays by writers who live or have roots in the South, creating stories that our relevant to our community today. The Festival is particularly interested in plays by women and African-Americans.

We accept the following types of submissions:

Agent submissions that meet our mission
Previously professionally produced plays that meet our mission
For plays with no previous professional productions, the play must meet the mission of the New South Play Festival
We do not accept submissions of unproduced plays by individual writers that do not meet our New South Play Festival mission
If your plays meet one of the criteria listed above, please submit the following to submissions@horizontheatre.com (scripts are only accepted electronically):

1. Name, cover letter addressing how your play fits with our mission, brief bio and/or resume
2. One-page synopsis including brief description of the play, character breakdown and setting.
3. 10-page dialogue sample from the script

If we are interested in further exploration of the play, we will request a full script (please do not send a full script with your initial inquiry).

Please submit your work to us only if it meets our mission statements. You will receive an electronic acknowledgment of receipt of your materials. After that, we will be in touch ONLY if we are interested in reading the entire script.

We wish that we could read and comment on every script that is submitted to us, but unfortunately we only have time to look at those scripts that meet our mission!

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