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Monday, February 25, 2013

Her life as Lady Gaga

Friend of NYCPlaywrights Renee Cole writes about her adventures as the foremost Lady Gaga impersonator:
The Littlest Gay 
...When I sift through my years of kids party memories, there is one that will forever stick with me.  
I had been booked for a little girl's 6th birthday and just finished my performance. As I walked around the room for photos, I noticed a little boy, about 3 years old who kept following my every move. Whenever I turned around he would be right behind me, staring up adoringly. 
I knelt down to his eye level to say hello and he put his little hand in my hair, and said the last thing I ever expected to come out of his mouth... "FIERCE!" 
I had all I could do not to double over laughing, and asked what his name was.  
He told me his name was Henry, that he knew that my favorite designer was Alexander McQueen and that he liked him too. He also told me he knew all the words to Bad Romance, and liked my dress with the bubbles. 
Then my littlest gay checked out all of my rings, accessories and even tried on my hat.  
His super straight Dad came over after a few minutes, and we took a few photos with the little guy in my lap. 
As I got up to say goodbye to Henry, I had a flash forward of his life in my head. How many obstacles he would have to face in the future just because of his sexuality, which was so strongly present already. 
All I could think to say to him as I left was "Remember to always be yourself." 
He hugged me and with a giant smile said, "I love you Gaga!". 
From that day on the song Born This Way took on new meaning for me. 
Read more at My Life As Lady Gaga.

Renee performed in last summer's Play of the Week project:

Renee and Larissa Adamczyk perform in A LESSON by Emily Cutler.

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