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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sending scripts to the BBC

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PLEASE NOTE - this opportunity is for UK residents ONLY - for non-UK residents please see the BBC World Service International Playwriting competition

BBC writersroom is the first point of call at the BBC for all unsolicited scripts and writers. All work is assessed primarily for the talent of the writer, and in addition for the script's suitability for further development.

What we accept
Full unsolicited scripts (or episodes) for film, TV drama, radio drama, TV and radio sitcom. Also stage plays, but only as a calling card for a writer's talent.

What we don't accept
Spec scripts for existing shows – we want to see your original work.
Script samples, short stories, novels, sketches, or ideas/treatments for programmes.
Scripts sent by email - we don't have the resources to print them or assess them on screen.
Scripts for short films.
Adaptations of other people's work.
Work sent in from overseas.

Please read the guidelines, checklist, and FAQ before you send us your script.

Where to send your script
BBC writersroom
1st Floor, Grafton House
379 Euston Road

How to bind your script
As long as it holds your script together strongly, any binding is acceptable. We recommend metal fasteners or a bulldog clip.

Please don't send us scripts in ring binders or plastic folders as they will cost you more to post, and aren't recyclable. There's also no need to use a padded envelope.

We receive about 10,000 scripts a year, and all eligible scripts are logged and assessed. If the opening ten pages hook our attention, your script will be read fully and receive feedback from our readers. All other scripts are returned without feedback.

Competition is tough, and we only recommend the very best writers and scripts. We don't discuss individual scripts unless we are developing your work further.

Contact us only with urgent inquiries - for example, if you have not had an acknowledgement within a month of sending a script, or a further response within four months of acknowledgement.

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