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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Playwrights sought for new virtual experiences

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Gray Zones, a new series of live social experiments, is seeking writers to join our collaborative writing team. Each project will developed collaboratively with the series creator, Mona Patel, and a team of writers and other creatives. The first project we're looking to build our team for is still in development, but is intended as a variation of a "murder mystery dinner party" focusing on the ways exploitation is ingrained in our labor system. In this context "murder mystery" is more related to the thematic styling of the piece (many, various characters, brought together by suspicious events and locked together until the mystery is solved) rather than an Agatha Christie-style murder to be solved. It's more a scripted escape room for the audience to solve than traditional murder mystery theater.

We're looking for writers with a wide range of experiences - those who have experience writing for/about murder mysteries, audio dramas, human rights, and class consciousness are the highest priority at the moment but as this is intended to grow and develop (partly around the ideas of the writing team), we're open to anyone with a unique perspective and voice.

Gray Zones creates projects that center our audience as the crux of the action. Our stories are scripted, but the interpretations of each experiment are left up to the audience and their internalized opinions brought into the event. Each experiment has multiple points for the audience to directly respond to the events and attend a moderated discussion after the session to discuss their reactions to what they just saw. For more information about what our past work looks like and understand our company a bit better, please head to GrayZones.org.

To submit, please send a brief cover letter explaining your interest in our project as well as a brief writing sample. In your cover letter, please include the following:

- What in your background as a writer makes you feel qualified for this project
- Your experience writing for interactive projects
- A social issue you would be interested in exploring in a future project as well as an idea for what that project might be.

Submissions should be emailed to info@grayzones.org.

Compensation will be determined at a later date, but is guaranteed and will not be deferred beyond project completion

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