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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Proscaenium Theatre Company Origins Theatre Festival seeks full-length plays for development


Deadline: July 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Play Submission Form

Origins Theatre Festival is a weekend long celebration held in the fall of 2024 dedicated to uplifting emerging artists from the BIPOC community innovating in the arts.

Proscaenium Theatre Company is in pursuit of plays that are looking to innovate and make a positive impact in their own communities. We are specifically seeking plays by members of the BIPOC Community or People of the Global Majority.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Origins Theatre Festival. We are excited and honored to review it!

We specially encourage you to apply if you identify as Indigenous or as a Trans Person of Color.

What to expect:

Every Playwright whose work is chosen will receive a stipend of $250.

Four finalists will receive a developmental reading presented at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre on 304 W 47th St. New York, NY, 10036.

One Play will be chosen to be part of Proscaenium Theatre Company’s following season.

Proscaenium Theatre Company will provide rehearsal space, a director to collaborate with the playwright, up to five actors, and a performance space for the developmental reading.

Each play will have 10 hours of rehearsal.

8 semifinalists will be chosen to have an interview with Proscaenium Theatre Company’s team through Zoom, and may be asked to submit more pages of your play.

You will receive an email notifying you if you are one of the 8 finalists no later than July 29th.

If not chosen, you are welcome to ask for feedback, please allow some time to get back to you.

We are excited to get to know you and your work!


We strive to find highly imaginative stories that hold a mirror to humanity.
We seek to support artists who are committed to the craft and art of theatre.
We are only looking for plays of a maximum of 100 minutes without intermission. (We estimate 1-2 mins. per page of dialogue and 2-4 mins per page of monologues.)

Currently we are only accepting plays with a cast of 1-5 actors (the play can have more characters as long as they can be played by the same actors, and the integrity of the play is not compromised).

Plays can be submitted in English and Spanish, if submitted in Spanish there is a possibility of translating the piece if agreed.

Playwrights should submit 10 consecutive pages of the play in review.

Currently, we can only accept one submission per playwright or writing team.

We are happy to review plays in any stage of development, and from anywhere in the world. (Please note, Proscaenium Theatre Company will not provide transportation or accomodations in NYC, but will provide any virtual assistance for you to be involved in the process.)

Submission Deadline: July 15th at 11:59 pm.

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