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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

MTC Quill To Act New Play Festival seeks full-length plays


Deadline: July 1, 2024
Or when they get 100 scripts

*Members of the Dramatists Guild can have the $15 fee waived by producing proof of membership via uploading to the submission page or via email to submissions@murphyscreektheatre.org.

Murphys Creek Theatre is now accepting submissions for our 2024 Quill to Act New Play Festival. 

Three finalists will win $100 and have a staged reading of their script.

The winner will have their play workshopped and produced as part of MCT's 2025 Season

Please read ALL of the guidelines and prepare your PDF script accordingly BEFORE starting the submission process.

Basic Requirements:

Full-length drama or comedy, intermission preferred. If there is no intermission, then there is a 75-minute maximum running time allowed. 

MCT Quill to Act presentations are performed in a concert reading style (no costumes, lighting, sound effects, set, or props). The emphasis is on the language and dialogue of the play. Stage directions will be read and are considered part of the running time. Submitted scripts should meet the timing requirement with this in mind.

Previously unproduced. All scripts submitted to MCT must be unproduced and remain unproduced until after MCT’s 2024 Quill to Act festival. Any presentation by a theatre (including non-Equity, regional, or community theatre) DOES count as a production. This includes virtual presentations. College/academic productions and development workshops and readings are exempted.

Maximum of six actors. Doubling (or more) is permitted, provided a doubling plan is included with the cast list.

Submitting author is (or “authors are” when in collaboration) the sole owner(s) of the script copyright.
Document Criteria

Legibly typed 12-point font in standard play script format with 1′′ margins. You can find general play script format guidelines here:


No indication of authorship (your name) on any of the pages. 
– The reading of the scripts is to be blind. Any script received with the author’s name on it will be disqualified.

Submitted as a single PDF – only scripts formatted as a PDF file will be considered.

Page 1: Cover page with only play title and this disclaimer: This script is copyright protected and may not be reproduced, distributed, or disseminated without the prior written permission of the author.

Page 2: Brief synopsis of the play (200-word maximum) and a cast list that includes each character’s name, age, and brief description.

All pages are numbered.

Characters’ names are shown above dialogue.

The end of the play is indicated with Fin or End.

Artistic Merit

Murphys Creek Theatre’s Quill to Act New Play Festival is committed to the presentation of new dramatic work that is uniquely theatrical, has literary merit, and appeals to our audience’s emotions and imagination. Such work invariably reflects an original concept or theme, possesses a clear and cogent structure, and includes characters whose language expresses their individual worldview.

MCT does not accept:

Film or TV scripts
Children’s Theatre

We do accept adaptations and parodies of works in the public domain.

Submission Process

Read ALL submission requirements first.

Fill out the submission form (enter your playwright name, script title, contact information, etc.).

Upload membership to Dramatist Guild (if applicable)

Upload your script.

Submit your registration information.

On the confirmation page, follow the provided link to process the $15 submission fee*.

You will receive an email receipt automatically, which lets you know we have your submission and payment. If there is an issue with adherence to our guidelines, MCT will send you an email so the issue can be addressed.

Thank you for sharing your work with MCT!

The Fine Print

Full-Length Scripts

Submissions are limited to one script per author per year. Collaborations are accepted and count as the submission for each author (i.e., a playwright cannot submit both a co-written script and a singularly-authored script in the same year). Once a script has been submitted to MCT, we cannot accept revisions. Please note that MCT does not provide feedback on scripts beyond the talkback following each of the finalists’ readings.

Refunds are not given for plays that are not accepted.

Playwrights whose plays are selected as finalists will be notified by August 31st, 2024, and will be announced publicly in September. 

Stage readings of the finalist scripts are slated for the 10th, 17th, and 24th of October, 2024.

Following the readings, a winning script will be selected from the finalists. The winning script will be produced as part of MCT’s 2025 season. Upon notification of their selection, the winning playwright(s) must sign the Playwright Agreement, providing permission for workshopping and public performance of their script.

All playwrights are responsible for the cost and arrangements for transportation to and from Murphys should they choose to attend in person.

Directors, performers, and technicians for the readings are drawn entirely from a pool of local professional artists.

E-mail submissions@murphyscreektheatre.org

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