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Friday, June 7, 2024

SHIFT Issue 7: Bending, Blurring, & Breaking Genre


Deadline: June 25, 2024 at 1AM

The ability to organize things into neat little boxes & categories is something we love to do––genre is one such example. However, people rarely fit so neatly into the boxes we are put in. Our identities & ways of knowing can be messy, fraught, complicated, & language-transcending. Overtime, our ideas of what genre is & what it can be are starting to align more closely with who we know ourselves to be, too.

Consider Walt Whitman’s creation of free verse poetry, or Truman Capote’s unconventional blending of journalism & non-fiction novel writing for his book In Cold Blood. For SHIFT volume 7, we ask you to place yourself in this tradition. Lean into ambiguity & leave us guessing. Toe the line between two worlds. Send us your favorite works that defy genre & conventional exceptions. Send us your poem that reads like a story, your flash fiction that feels like a scene straight out of a play––hell, maybe even a recipe that reads like a poem! Send us your Both/And.

Play-ish: Keep play-ish submissions to 10 minute or one-act forms. Follow the standard stage-play format when submitting. Here’s a helpful link for your reference: https://ptfaculty.gordonstate.edu/lking/CPF_play_formatting2.pdf

If these guidelines are a little too bendy, broken, or blurred for you, feel free to shoot us your questions at shift@mts.edu

For more information about our mentoring program, visit www.mtsu.edu/write For more information about SHIFT and to see past issues, visit www.shift-write.com

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