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Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Loft Ensemble seeks plays


Deadline: March 15, 2023 at 12 midnight PST


We are looking for stories that need to be told by the voices that need to tell them. We are interested in full length plays that are rich in theatrical imagination and exploration of the human condition. You can see previous productions here.

We are a membership company. We produce work that stretches and grows our artists by giving them a place to explore freely with a strong, supportive community. You can see who we are here.

We consider full length plays with run times over 80 minutes and less than 2 hours.

We consider plays with a cast of at least four characters. No 2 and 3 handers please.

Please do not submit a play you haveD previously submitted. If you have sent us a play, it has either already been considered and not programmed or we’re still thinking about it but could not program it at the time you submitted it.

We do not accept one-act plays, whether on their own or thematically paired/ grouped, solo shows, or musicals.

We do not accept more than 1 script from any author.

A fundamental expectation of a playwright is that they read and respect the guidelines and can fill out a submission form completely.

What you can expect when you submit: Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we only respond to work that we feel is in line with our mission and artistic goals. We appreciate your patience as we read every submission, and give each one our attention. We dedicate half of the calendar year to this process. If we want to consider your play for the season we will contact you. If you don’t hear from us by the middle of June 2023, please know that we considered your work with great care.

Please add submissions@loftensemble.org to the safe list of the email address you provide. We will send you an email if we want to discuss your play and it’s harder when we go to your spam folder first.

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